Power Given to Him to Reign Over the Kings of the Earth for 42 Months

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Hell Really Exists

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Revelation 13: 5 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.

Revelation 13: 7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

Revelation 17: 18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

The 666 Beast, Home Page

All these parallels point to the fact that it is describing the same beast in both chapters.


AThis new pope Benedict XVI, will only reign for a short term. (unknown duration, but short). He will then be followed by the antichrist. This new pope will ultimately become an antipope due to his being deposed. The count will remain at 665, awaiting the antichrist pope, who will not adopt the papal names but use a new name. His name, being new, will be a first one thus adding the to 665.

There are many interpretations regarding the number 666. But this interpretation presented here, is the only one that reaches across the chiastic link from Revelation 13: 18 to Revelation 17: 9 - 10, and uses all the elements found in these two linked verses, and demonstrates that the same 666 number is reflected in Revelation 17: 9-10 as well. This interpretation is the only one that is endorsed by the Bible through its own chiastic structure.

Link: See what other readers have written about this interpretation An Update;

The Conclave of Cardinals has finished, and the new pope elected is Joseph Ratzinger. For the last 1,082 years, all of the popes have chosen a papal name from one or more of their predecessors. Although John Paul has created a new name, it still follows that papal tradition that honors a previous pope, by choosing his name. John Paul thereby honors two of his predecessors. The new name of John Paul, drew the count most gradually toward the final count to 666 from the cumulative total of 662 with pope Paul VI (1963-78).

The pope elect Ratzinger has chosen the name of Benedict XVI to honor Benedict XV (XIV) with regard to the world war, and what he did to help.

This does not indicate that this research was false, as it has always been included in my research, that the next elected pope could be an antipope.

Many have seen and understood this prophecy for themselves. Others are perplexed that he did not choose a new name. This may have been an "unexpected" outcome to some, but it was not an unexpected outcome to me.

Many are jumping to the conclusion, that choosing the name of Benedict XVI, has voided the prophecy. That is false. When a pope is elected, he is considered "legitimate" until it is shown that he is an antipope. When he is found to be an antipope, he will be deposed. At his deposition, it is considered that he never was a pope. Then this research will be right back to where it started. Thoroughly investigate this research, and understand that an antipope has always been a possibility. This research still holds true.

On Sun, 22 Mar 1998, I sent out this email;

"So far, in my study, I have figured that there will be a new pope shortly. This new pope will only reign for a short term. (unknown duration, but short). He will then be followed by the antichrist. Though the next pope would ultimately become an antipope due to his being deposed. The count will remain at 665, awaiting the

The 666 Beast, Home Page antichrist pope, who will not adopt the papal names but use his own name. This results in adding the '1' to 665."

As I wrote this research out, I could only imagine how it would appear, and I wrote it according to the prophecy's outline, and entered the elements from the papal record into it. The outcome was the understanding just described in the above email. And on April 19, 2005 when the element of the new pope's name was first known and his number entered into the research, the conclusion was the same; that he is an antipope. And now with this additional element entered into the prophecy, the next event comes into view.

What happens next?

The Bible is the source for the answer:

2Thessalonians 2

3. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

5 Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?

6 And now ye know what (an antipope) withholdeth* (Greek; katecho) that he (antichrist) might be revealed in his time.

7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth (Greek; katecho) will let, until he (antipope) be taken out of the way. (deposed)

8 And then shall that Wicked (antichrist) be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, *(Greek; katecho, to hold back) Letteth and withholdeth are the same Greek word.

As time goes on, God reveals more and more truth.

And thus it is revealed in these texts some of what is to transpire.

This new pope is an antipope, as this research indicates. The correct understanding of the prophecy confirms this. Though he is an antipope, the church and the world do not know it yet.

I had anticipated that we would have an antipope in this election. This is based on the fact that there were two antipopes within the papal record that were directly involved in the count of this research. It was a direct possibility that we could have another antipope after John Paul II, and it could not be ruled out. Thus, by the ongoing count, with John Paul II leaving the count at 665, two options emerged: This new pope, would either be the antichrist, or he would be an antipope. A new name with a count of '1' which a new name would have, would signify that he is the antichrist, a used name, with a count greater than a count of 'one' would signify that he would ultimately be an antipope.

I had formerly surmised that if this next pope were an antipope, that he should have come from the continuing line of John Paul, as "remaining" in the seventh head, until the eighth arrives. However, hindsight is far better than guessing. The applied prophecy only indicates that any used papal name following John Paul II, would constitute an antipope.

Before the death of John Paul II, the prophecy left us with one of two possible outcomes; The pope to follow John Paul II would be either an antipope or be the antichrist, thus, it appears that it is speculative. But now that this papal transition is past history, that element of "if" has been removed, and we proceed from here without any element of speculation, but an affirmative statement that this pope will be deposed and the next pope will be that man who is identified as the antichrist. There will also be great deceptions to come that will arise that will contradict his identity as the antichrist. Let the prophecy of the Bible make this identity clear; he who completes the count to 666 is the antichrist.

There have been numerous prophecies, and they do not all agree. My wife read another "fiction" book, written in 2000, that actually names the pope after John Paul II as Benedict XVI. Which I believe, that the writer had borrowed from the "Benedictine" prophecies that say that this "Glory of the Olive" was to be filled by one from the "Order of Benedictine," and hence, the name chosen. Then there is the possibility that the cardinals are aware of these various prophecies, and are actually "trying" to fulfill them, as it might be in this case, by his choosing that name. But the Bible is the only test of any prophecy. All other prophecies may contain errors that may only be seen in their final conclusion. Malachy's prophecy indicates this next pope will be the "terrible judge, who will judge the people" which appears to be a description of Christ and the final judgment, whereas the prophecy from the Bible, identifies this next pope as the antichrist. It may be that Malachy's prophecy up to John Paul II, were true, and that the alleged corruptions by the publishers in adding the last pope, have turned it into a deception.

AThere are already being given to the public, deceptions and corruptions made from this 666 count research, and have already caused confusion, and have brought it into disrepute among those who should understand it.

See the corruptions at this link: The false teachings of two usurpers that have corrupted this research, and the extreme danger of their deceptions.

But there is a certain advantage in this pope's choosing one of the first five names used (Pius, Leo, Gregory, Benedict, or John,) because, as this prophecy reads; "Five are fallen." Thus, Benedict, in being one of these first five that are said to have "fallen," then "How can he stand?" The answer is: He cannot. The affirmative answer would be; Benedict as a name, is fallen and this new pontificate will not stand. The fact that this prophecy has indicated that the first five are fallen, seemed to be indicating that these names are excluded from being used again. But in the perspective of the count, and of the new papal election having become history, the correct understanding of the facts is now revealed by entering the new papal name into the research. Being "fallen" does not exclude one of these five from rising and later becoming an antipope. Indeed, an antipope is not seen at his beginning, but at his end.

I remembered what I had told another believer at church about two or three years ago;

Satan is the great counterfeiter. He has counterfeited the Sabbath by making Sunday "holy," and even without the support of the Bible, most are following this false sabbath.

Satan will attempt to counterfeit the coming of Christ. He must then, come and appear to "destroy the antichrist." So Satan needs a "puppet" to do this. Among all the things that Catholics believe, it includes the idea that the antichrist will try to take the holy "chair of Peter." They fear that this will happen, and if so, then it

http://www.666beast.net/Original-index.html (6 of 12) [10/28/2007 14:09:24]

will be attempted by an imposter. This to them would be an antipope, for a real pope could not do this. There will be something yet that will transpire that will bring about the end of Benedict XVI that will cause him to be deposed. In this prophecy, there is no timeframe given for this to happen.

So the "next" pope after Benedict XVI, will come and "depose" this "antipope/antichrist" and thus appear as though he is the christ, that has come and put down the antichrist.

Now the Biblical method of counting the number, is by taking the real numbers from the names of these beast's seven heads themselves, and add them up. But Satan has also counterfeited this as well. The "beast's" method of counting the numbers to get 666, is by the conversion of letters into numbers.

They have violated the Scripture's injunction in Revelation 22: 19, that warns against "adding" to the book of Revelation, or from taking away anything from it. And for this prophecy of the number 666 in Revelation 13: 18, they have in their Catholic Douay Rheims bible, an "added" fotenote; "Six hundred sixty-six. The numeral letters of his name shall make up this number."

All who employ this beast's method; of converting letters to numbers, are following after the delusions of the beast. As this research shows, it follows through 23 elements of this prophecy and is sufficiently clear enough to see that it is a match to the historical record of the popes, and does not need to venture outside of Scripture or to implement "speculation" or "human logic." It is a Biblical method of counting, because it stays with the Biblical outline.

The Latin spelling of Benedict is "Benediktos" and someone has figured out that this also adds up to 666. Satan has created this method, and since the popes are pawns in his hands, he has set up this new (anti)pope Benedict XVI as his "antichrist" which he will then send his (anti)christ and depose. Then the whole world will follow after this "real" antichrist, and believe that this antipope was the antichrist that Christ has come and put down.

The only real trustworthy source of interpretation, is the Bible itself, without any inclusion of other non-Biblical prophecies. This particular interpretation, is the only one that employs the chiastic link that exists that is connected to the 666 verse. And, true to this link, the verse in Revelation 17: 9, reveals the same number 666 as it gives us in Rev 13: 18. Thus the Bible confirms its own interpretation.

Read what others have said in regard to this research; Link: Click Here to see: "A Testimony From Other Readers"

Much of what has been written in the links on this site, were written while John Paul II was still living, and is written with that perspective.

Wherever I update a page, you should see this A notation marking what I wrote since Benedict XVI was elected. Check back occasionally to see more updates and new notes. end of update.

Click Here to see: "Chiasmus: An Important Structural Device" by Brad McCoy (PDF Format)

Click Here to see: Twenty Three Matches Between This Prophecy and Papal History

Link; A Message to Seventh-day Adventists

This research, has been rejected by the "Biblical Research Institute" of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

For those who have come to understand the Biblical support for this interpretation, please write, call or send an e-mail to the BRI to encourage them to re-examine this research according to the proper guidelines, and to put aside their prejudices.

Ekkehardt Mueller c/o BIBLICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE GENERAL CONFERENCE OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS 12501 Old Columbia Pike Silver Spring MD 20904 phone: 301-680-6790 fax: 301-680-6788; e-mail: [email protected]

Link; The BRI Newsletter; "Reflections"

My rebuttal to: The BRI Newsletter; "Reflections" They are DRUNK on the wine of Babylon. Their interpretations are borrowed from papal theology.

The SDA members however, are becoming divided over this, with many others seeing this as the fulfillment of their greatest expectations. The Bible refers to the class that rejects this as "Laodicean."

Revelation 3: 17"...and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:'' v.18 "...anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.''

This research and message has been widely accepted and understood by non-SDAs, and does not belong to any group or sect, and has not originated from any organization. It gives a message to every person living; Repent, for the Day of the Lord is at hand.

As the Jews rejected the message of the coming Messiah in their day, so also have many of those who believe that they are the "Remnant" have rejected this research. They are given to their strong delusions, which allow no place for newly revealed truth from God.

I would describe this deafness on the part of all of the responsible ministers and administrators of the Seventh-day Adventist church, as the ultimate "Twilight Zone'' or "Outer Limits'' scenario; How can this one interpretation that invokes such a profoundly positive response in my readers, be so opposed by those in such responsible positions, without a single one of them, ever coming forward and SHOW me where I am in error? One such outspoken SDA theologian actually accused me of believing a lie: " If you do not want to learn the truth, feel free to believe a lie.'' Yet my challenge to him to show me where I have lied, has not been

http://www.666beast.net/Original-index.html (8 of 12) [10/28/2007 14:09:24]

The 666 Beast, Home Page answered. Not only that, but he has not even made any attempt to demonstrate where or how what I have written, is in error. All these leaders have shown that they are drunk on the Wine of Babylon; Little bits here and there in what they teach and believe, that are known to be sourced from the false teachings of the Great Whore of Babylon. Instead of looking to God and His Word for the source of their teachings, they have imbibed on the false teachings of the world to formulate their beliefs.

This is a single Bible study, which if followed methodically and prayerfully, will surprise, and no doubt shock many. To others, it will be a wake up call to the times in which we are now living. This study adheres strictly to the Biblical rules of interpretation set out within the Bible itself, and in doing so, positively identifies the man with 666 as "the number of his name" (Revelation 13: 17).

All of the Popes throughout history have numbered their names, as most Monarchs do. For example, Pope John Paul II has the number 2 as "the number of his name". Therefore, if we add up the numbers of the name "John Paul", we arrive at 3.

John Paul I (1) plus John Paul II (2) equals 3 (1+2=3).

If we add all the numbers of all the Popes' names in the time period specified in Revelation 17, and counting up to and including Pope John Paul II, we arrive at the number 665! web page designer

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