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3. The first five numbers are all terminal before the sixth arrives: "fallen" The counts of 78, 91, 136, 105 and 231, cannot increase any more, they have already fallen. A change in any of these would have altered the count and the sum total of 666 would have been unattainable.

4. The seventh number is the minimum it could be and still be a triangular number: "a mountain." It leaves the cumulative total at the precise count of 665 leaving only one to be fulfilled by the coming eighth. From the sixth, the count was left at 662, adding the smallest triangular number 3 sets the total at 665 with only 1 left.

5. The eighth is a single "one" which is necessary to make the pinpoint identification of the man whose number is 666; "a man." The eighth is not included in the list of the other seven heads, who are also defined as mountains. The eighth does not receive this designation of also being a mountain, but it is sequentially aligned with the seven to show that it is of a like nature as the seven, saying "of the seven."

Page 112

6. The elements defining this prophetic outline are located in the very verse that is chiastically linked in the book of Revelation to the verse where the number 666 is given,"Wisdom." Wisdom is the key chiastic word in both verses. This includes the demonstration that all of the elements from the prophecy and the historic record are precisely matched and integrated to produce the exact count it specifies. History has made tracing this path far easier, because none of the elements of history need any additional explanations or compensatory adjustments to make them appear to match; they already align naturally and easily.

7. The combined sum produces the exact total count of 666; "his number is 666." All of the combined numbers are counted.

8. The seventh could not have arrived before the sixth; "not yet come" The contribution to the count from the seventh number, must all be derived from its source after the passing of the sixth.

9. The seventh must be short in relation to the other six; "short space" The combined total of the tenure of the mountain of John Paul, was 26^ years. The next smallest tenure is that of Paul, whose six popes held the papacy for 67 years. John Paul's count of three reflects this shortest papal term when compared to the terms of the other six heads.

Everything You Need To Know About the Number 666

10. The seventh must also be comprised of two numbers in order to correctly fulfill its identity as also being a mountain; "seven heads are seven mountains."

11. This number is applied to both the whole beast and to the "one" man; the "number of the beast is the number of a man."

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All of these factors that are already fulfilled require that it meets its final fulfillment in the last man and eighth head of the beast.

Page 114 Chapter 8

Dealing with Current Views

The following are quotes from Vol. 7 of the Daniel & Revelation Committee Series; Symposium on Revelation, Book 2, Frank B. Holbrook, Editor. Kenneth Strand wrote the chapter on the Seven Heads:

"The problem lies in the foundational center of the Preterist stance, and therefore, is one that afflicts all Preterist interpretations in spite of any and all idiosyncrasies that may exist among individual writers. That 'root problem' is the perspective that limits the scope of Revelation's message to John's own era. The Biblical evidence reveals, as we have seen, that the leopard-bodied sea beast, its seven heads, and its ten horns relate to things that were still future for John." Symposium on Revelation, book 2, p. 205.

This excludes the application of the seven mountains to any kingdoms before 95 A.D.

"Since the word 'mountains' is obviously symbolic in Revelation 17:9, proper principles of interpretation would require that we look for the scriptural usage of the term 'mountain' in

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cases where the term is employed as a symbol. When we do so, we never find 'mountain' used to symbolize an individual monarch or ruler." Symposium on Revelation, book 2 pg. 186.

Thus, to assert that the seven heads which are also mountains, as a line of popes that use the same name, complies with every aspect of the verse. The interpretation given to the beast is that of a specific identity; the papacy. This is in agreement with the Symposium on Revelation. Therefore it is in the papacy where we are to look for the seven 'heads-mountains-kings.'

This book does not exclude that which I have found. The content of the chapter on the seven mountains consists almost entirely of debunking the Preterist's view; that the seven mountains are the emperors of Rome, and has no definitive conclusion to say exactly what the seven mountains or the seven heads are, except that the leopard-like sea-beast, its seven heads and ten horns, are all future to John. By stating that these are all future to John, completely removes the "one is" from possibly being applied to John's day.

The conclusion of the 1996 Symposium on Revelation is that there is no defined interpretation on the seven mountains of Revelation 17:9.

Other theologians have written in direct reference to the Daniel and Revelation Committee (DARCOM) Series, and Kenneth Strand's "mention" of it in his example of the "Preterist's" view, in which he shows it to be a false interpretation, and they turn it around to make it appear that Kenneth Strand had taught that these seven "Preterist's" mountains are the seven heads of the beast. They need to re-read that entire chapter that Strand wrote on Revelation 17. The very source they use to say that this is what Kenneth Strand taught is the very same source I point them to, as proof that they are wrong. Kenneth Strand does not teach what they say he does in the DARCOM Series. Their statements are false and misleading.

Page 116


While many have referred to the counting of the letters of the "title" of the papacy, by assigning numerical values to the letters, the Bible does not specifically indicate that this is the correct application. It does state that 666 is the number of the beast and a man. To apply the title to the broad spectrum of the papacy does not completely fulfill the description in Scripture. Certainly, it points to the "beast" which possesses the spirit of antichrist, but only one man will be the Antichrist at the time appointed, and it is not just the whole system of the papacy. The papacy is already represented as the beast, and only the last head or pope will become the one Antichrist. The 666 man and the beast are one and the same, and is the last one that enters perdition and is destroyed at the second coming of Christ.

There are elements of the prophecy that are completely ignored by the count of the letters of the alleged papal title; "Vicarius Filii Dei." It does not demonstrate to be the number of a single man. It asserts that all popes are men and the papal title comprises how it applies to the beast. It does not pinpoint who this last "man of sin" is, but it presumes this same number upon all

Everything You Need To Know About the Number 666

the popes. It leaves the identity of this Antichrist to some other unspecified source, and leaves open the possibility that the deceptions of the Antichrist will sway them into error. The very number that they have forced their interpretation on, that the Bible gives to mark this man's identity, has been rendered impotent by their false interpretation. The "Vicarius Filii Dei" papal title interpretation makes no connection to this chiastic pattern. It says nothing about seven heads in the papal title or reflected in the count of letters. The historic elements proffered in that interpretation do not align with anything across this chiastic link.

Page 117

The phrase; Vicarius Filii Dei is a false interpretation of the number 666. It does not identify the 666 man. This is one of the false interpretations that occludes the real truth, yet it is sincerely believed by many. It falls short of identifying the "man." It does not suffice to identify the "seat." That which is presented here, not only identifies the 666 beast, but also the 666 man. It is not possible that every pope has been the Antichrist, for this identity belongs to a single individual man, and not to anyone seated in the papal office.

This interpretation involves a "count" of pure numbers, ONLY numbers, not letters that are assigned a numeric value, and are then added up. This method is a direct application of the element of "counting" as written in the prophecy.

It is from the Douay Rheims Bible from which the footnote to the number 666 says that the letters of his name make up the number. Since the source of this interpretation is from the beast, it should immediately be suspect of being a deception.

The "dragon" gave its seat and power to this "beast" who has corrupted the word of God. They have "added" their footnotes to the Word. Satan thus tries to divert everyone from the real truth. It has sent many on a 666 number hunt for who the Antichrist is, which by this method, is inherently invalid as there are millions of names that bear this number. Which one is provable? The interpretation I present demonstrates that the Antichrist is the beast's eighth and last head.

Many individuals have the numeric value of 666 in their name, but that does not mean that they are associated with the Antichrist. The true identity of the 666 man and his count must be precise. The counting of the "beast" is intended to identify the "Antichrist." The phrase "Vicarius Filii Dei" is not able to disclose precisely, who the "man of sin" is.

Though the debate on the Vicarius issue still continues, and it is definitely settled as valid in the minds of some, while others have opted to the more recent view that 666 is a "symbolic" number.

Page 118

Others are asserting that the number 6, is the number of man, and represents imperfection, and sin, and rebellion from God. This is predicated on the fact that man was created on the sixth day. But was man created imperfect, or was he the crowning act of God, who created all things perfect? There is no evidence given in Scripture that takes a specific number given in prophecy and changing it to a root value of 6, because in our modern numeric system, the number 666 contains three of the same digit. There is no evidence that any prophetic number is reduced to a single digit because it repeated in our modern system. This is foreign to proper Biblical exegesis. Neither is the number 666 symbolic. Even an elementary examination of the exegetics of the text, shows that to symbolize this number nullifies the necessity of counting anything at all. The Bible says it is a number that is to be counted, and to symbolize it away, leaves the reader to believe that there is no need to count anything. Doesn't anybody really investigate the source of their beliefs? Test it, test it, test it!!

The interpretation of this book also matches the expected events that are yet to come; It confronts the popular errors found in today's theology, and thus it sets up for the "shaking" to come. It reveals the imminent rise of the Antichrist and heralds the cry of the angel of Revelation 18. It is a repeating of the Third Angel's Message and announces that the hour of the judgment that is coming upon us.


Most are not aware that their beliefs regarding this prophecy are not Biblical. There is a traceable line of truth through the prophecies that is commonly accepted and known. There are many false interpretations that are perpetrated to detract from this truth. These false interpretations lack one critical

Page 119

element; they fail to demonstrate continuity. There is a straight line of truth that maintains continuity, and is demonstrated by the Scripture and supported by history. This interpretation of the count of the number 666, follows precisely with this same line of truth.

It is important to know where we are within the timeframe of prophecy, if we are to assert what is present truth. To correctly divide this line, we must know what prophecies have been fulfilled, and what is yet to be fulfilled. Yet some of these truths are not possible to be discerned until the time appointed for them. Now I believe the time for some of these things is here. Prove, through the Word of God, whether or not, that which I present here is true. The Bible says to "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." 1Thess. 5:21.

What I have presented here, is not new information or new prophecy. It has always been written there in the Scriptures, and for many years recorded in history. Examine the record of recent history, and see for yourself that it is an exact parallel of the prophecy.

OTHER INTERPRETATIONS OF THE SEVEN HEADS As Preterists have defined them, they are the Roman Emperors:

1. Augustus

2. Tiberius

3. Caligula

4. Claudius

5. Nero

6. Domitian

7. Antichrist

8. (missing in this interpretation) Page 120

The problem with this interpretation is that it must ignore 5 other valid emperors:

6. Galba

7. Otho

8. Vitellius

9. Vespatian

10. Titus

Did anyone note here that Nero is listed as number five and not the eighth in order to be the one that is counted as the 666 man? Yet they count the letters of this name up to be the Antichrist. Christ did not come and destroy Nero. Another observation is that the Antichrist is listed as the seventh, and they have no eighth head as the Scripture reads.

In another commentary these mountains are defined as the seven great world kingdoms;

1. Babylon

2. Persia

3. Grecia

4. Pagan Rome

5. Papal Rome (77 of 105) [10/28/2007 14:09:04]

Everything You Need To Know About the Number 666

6. Republicanism or Democracy

7. The Last Great Confederacy of Evil

8. (missing in this interpretation)

A confederacy is not a kingdom, and neither is Republicanism or Democracy, and it is still missing the "eighth."

Another commentary lists;

1. Egypt

2. Assyria

3. Babylon

Page 121

4. Persia

5. Grecia

6. Rome

7. Antichrist

8. (missing in this interpretation)

Again, there are many other world kingdoms not included in the list, and the problem applying the seven mountains to mean the ancient kingdoms, puts the first five or six of these world kingdoms prior to John's time. The problem in this interpretation is that it displaces an eschatological prophecy, by placing its fulfillment or parts of it, far into the past.

Some try to add to it; saying that there is some relevance to the time that the prophecy was given to John, based on the present tense of the words "and one is," claiming that the time that the five fallen kingdoms had fallen before the prophecy was uttered to John.

The angel gave the vision to John, which is of eschatological events, and then the explanation given to John about the vision, also pertains to the same end-time events. None of it is given in reference to the time that John lived. This also ignores the fact that the seven heads are the heads of the beast, and they try to place them outside of and beyond that of the time of beast that is symbolized here. John saw the beast in a time that was future to him. how could the heads of this beast be in existence before the beast itself? Neither did John know what these were to be. If he had known who the five fallen were, then why would he not simply have stated that they were of kingdoms before his time and name them? Daniel's visions that involved the kingdoms of his day, and even unto Grecia, were named. A prophecy that has been fulfilled is a foundation for the remainder of the prophecies that are not yet fulfilled. The elements of the prophecy given to John in Revelation 17, all pertain to events that are future

Everything You Need To Know About the Number 666

to John. To Daniel, Babylon in Page 122

his vision was already in fulfillment and became past fulfillment as the kingdom of Medo-Persia took power.

Daniel lived during the end of the Babylonian kingdom, and into the Persian kingdom. It became the foundation for identifying the subsequent powers that succeeded Medo-Persia, beyond Daniel's time. If the five fallen were already past fulfillment in John's time when he wrote Revelation, then he would have set that as the basis for the final elements, showing the identity of those first five that would have already fallen. John's writing of the prophecy in symbolism, is not to escape the scrutiny of Roman authorities, John is not encrypting his words for any purpose. John is told what to write. There is no evidence that John knew what the details of his visions meant. It was not written for him, nor for the Christians of his day. Eschatological prophecy is intended to be understood for the benefit of those living at the end.

Some of the prophecies that were given to Daniel and John refer to time periods spanning from their inception when they were first given, but most that John wrote refers specifically to the end; the focus being set within the lifetime of those living in the time of the end. So it does not make any sense to apply it to any other period. The context of the seven heads is from 1798 to the present, so any rulers or kingdoms outside of this period are irrelevant. The whore as it appears in Revelation 17:9-11 is depicted by the contemporaneous presence of the two-horned beast. This is set within the final end period. Therefore, for this whore woman to sit upon seven mountains, and to be the worship target of the two-horned beast, it must be that these heads (mountains) are contemporary, and in the same period of time as the two-horned beast. Besides the writing of the book of Revelation, none of these events have any relevance to John himself, nor any other purpose than to be the truth for the people of God at the time of the end. Since the first and second century Christians were not able to witness any of

Page 123

these "last day" events, it is understood that it did not benefit them beyond the promise that a final victory will be won by God. The last-day prophecies are written for the people of the last generation who will experience them.

Many false interpretations have been given to the prophecy of the number 666 and of the beast. Satan has made sure that before the truth would be revealed, that he would fill the world with a host of false interpretations. He has also already assaulted this 666 count interpretation with his own corrupted interpretation.

A continual returning to Preterism and Preterist teachings continues to produce errors. The readers of John's day could not possibly have participated in the eschatological events that his prophecies apply to, therefore whatever they might have understood concerning eschatological prophecy, is completely irrelevant. If the theologians of today can scarcely agree on eschatological events even as they pass right by them in our own day, how can they expect their readers to respect the words and thoughts of those who preceded them by nearly two millennia, when they cannot even show us one word of the thoughts of the readers of John's prophecies in his day? And of those words that do exist, how is it determined that what they thought concerning such a far-off fulfillment, was right? It is another false teaching from papal interpretation, which the readers of John's day were required to be able to understand what John wrote.

This interpretation that I have put forth here will not disappear, fade away, or be dismissed by slandering it with words like "fanciful" and "speculation." All the proofs that are given to support false theories do not constitute any effort to show that what I have presented is wrong, nor do they show where I am in error.

Page 124 Chapter 9

From This Day Forward

We are now past the end of the "short space" and are extended another undefined span of a brief time during the tenure of an antipope. Thus we are watching for the coming of the Antichrist that follows this antipope.

The Bible and recent history present clear evidence that the Second Coming is almost here. Now, the short space being past, we have entered an interim time that awaits the arrival of the Antichrist. Benedict XVI is the "he that withholdeth" until "he" is "taken out of the way" (2Thess. 2:7). An undefined brief length of time that designates the "short space" has now been followed by yet another undefined length of time before the coming of the Antichrist. This will be followed by yet another undefined period of time, of the reign of the Antichrist before Christ comes to bring it all to an end.

Rapture theologians have attempted to interpret 2Thess.

2:7 to mean that the "he" that withholdeth, is the Holy Spirit, which they say will be withdrawn from the earth. But this teaching is contrary to other Scriptures that state that "He"

Page 125 (80 of 105) [10/28/2007 14:09:04]

is with us even to the end of the world. And when He comes, there will be no one living that will be left behind.

It is clearly evident that the time is imminently upon us and the message of salvation needs to go forward more urgently, to finish the harvest of souls. In the prophecies of Revelation, is written the description of the true followers of the Church and of Jesus, and also of the false body of Christ, symbolized by a whore woman. The time spans of the prophecies reach from 457 BC to 1844, and then following this, conditional prophecies that are not set within specific periods of time, but await the conditional sequences of certain events. When these things are fulfilled, they will be revealed to the true followers of Christ. The final events surround the world's largest ecclesiastical body: the Catholic Church. Even while God denounces this papal system, identifying it precisely and calling it Babylon, He still recognizes that amidst the followers of this false system of worship, there are still many who truly belong to Him, and just before He pours out His wrath on the Babylon the Great, He calls His people out of her. This call includes all of the ecclesiastical bodies that are the whore woman's harlot daughters.

", Other sheep have I, not of this fold." God has His people scattered among all the various denominations, including the Catholic faith. And in the final throes of this world, before God sends His judgments to destroy it, He first implores His people to come out of her.

"My sheep hear my voice." When God calls His own, He empowers them to understand. He will send home His message, and expose the 'man of sin,' and the corruptions within the churches so His people can see and depart, and not be partakers of the 7 last plagues soon to be poured out. Many people fear the inevitable battle of Armageddon; however, seeing it is the seventh and last plague, the destiny of each soul will have already been determined. With a true saving faith, the people

Page 126

of God will not be disturbed at the judgments that fall on the beast and her adherents; they will remain steadfast while those around them will be slain by them.

The greatest problem facing many today is that the knowledge of an imminent end of the world, as we now know it, is more of a threat to the disruption of their own ventures, their own self-created plans, everyone's hopes and aspirations. These feelings will not be held too long, as the time of trouble approaches, and usurps everything anyway. Everywhere you look, you will see trouble; from personal torments of petty interest to anyone else, to *tumultuous catastrophes, engulfing entire regions. Death, disease, and rioting everywhere. Everyone accusing another, even accusing me. *(Written in 2002).

Everywhere people will be forced into believing these prophecies they had heard and rejected as false. But by then, it will be too late to save their souls. then fear and rage engulfs them. To those that do believe them, and believe the Word of God, the final events, though troublous, are tokens that declare their long-awaited hope in His Coming, is about to happen. Their victory is also imminent and their delivery certain.

Many are jumping to the conclusion, that the new pope, having chosen the name of Benedict XVI, has voided this interpretation. That is false. When a pope is elected, he is considered "legitimate" until it is found that he is an antipope. At his deposition, it is considered that he never was a pope. The count remains at 665. Thoroughly investigate this research, and understand that an antipope has always been included in this interpretation that still holds true.

Beginning with the original thesis, it shows that the papal beast of Revelation 17 has seven papal heads as demonstrated by the official papal record. It also shows that the numbers that have been given to these seven names form the sum total of 665 with the arrival of John Paul II. From this point, it led to understanding that John Paul constitutes the seventh head of

Page 127

the beast, and is the "shortest mountain" (of I and II yielding 3) and thus producing the "short space" of 26^ years which John Paul I & II held. The election of Cardinal Ratzinger, who chose the "fallen" name of Benedict, sets himself up as the antipope, who will be deposed at the arrival of the coming eighth, which is very near. The Loud Cry of Revelation 18 will soon commence.

As I wrote this research out, I could only imagine how it would appear, and I wrote it according to the prophecy's outline, and entered the elements from the papal record into it. On April 19, 2005 when the new pope's name was first known and entered into the research, the conclusion was as expected; that he is an antipope. And now with this additional element entered into the prophecy, the next event comes into view.


The Bible is the source for the answer:

2Thess. 2:3 "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

5 Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?

6 And now ye know what withholdeth* *(Greek; katecho) (an antipope) that he (Antichrist) might

Everything You Need To Know About the Number 666

be revealed in his time.

7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth* *(Greek; katecho) will let, until he (antipope) be taken out of the way. (deposed)

8 And then shall that Wicked (Antichrist) be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

9 Even him, whose

* (Greek; katecho, to hold back) Letteth and withholdeth are the same Greek word. Page 128

coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders."

As time goes on, God reveals more and more truth. And thus it is revealed in these texts, some of what is to transpire. This new pope is an antipope, as this research indicates. The correct understanding of the prophecy confirms this. Though he is an antipope, the church and the world do not know it yet.

I had anticipated that we would have an antipope in this election. This is based on the fact that there were two antipopes within the papal record that were directly involved in the count of this research. It was a direct possibility that we could have another antipope after John Paul II, and it could not be ruled out. Thus, by the ongoing count, with John Paul II leaving us with 665, two options emerged: This new pope would either be the Antichrist, or he would be an antipope. A new name with a count of '1' which a new name would have, would signify that he is the Antichrist, a used name, with a count greater than a count of '1' would signify that he would ultimately be an antipope.

The prophecy applied to the historic record indicates that if the pope elect after John Paul II chooses a papal name that had already been used, it would constitute an antipope. This possible variable of "either Antichrist, or antipope" that was found at the inception of this research, and guardedly retained throughout, has proven to be true.

With these two possible outcomes, it appeared that it was speculative. But now that this recent papal transition is past history, that element of "if" has been removed, and we proceed from here without any element of speculation, but an affirmative statement follows; that this pope will be deposed and the next pope will be that man who is identified as the Antichrist. There will also be great deceptions to come that will arise that will contradict his identity as the Antichrist. Let the prophecy

Page 129

of the Bible make this identity clear; he who completes the count to 666 is the Antichrist.

Meanwhile, we remain at another waiting period, with yet another unknown timeframe to the next event, which will be the coming of the eighth head Antichrist. How long we will have to freely spread this message before it becomes difficult, is also unknown, but this Antichrist will come in with such flair, that he will move on governments and round up the churches to rally his cause.

A Possible Outcome

The world is filled with the deceptions of Satan. Some are asserting that the Antichrist will reign for 3M> years, while others are saying that he will reign for 7 years. The prophecies that are used to support this have been misinterpreted. They are not prophecies of the Antichrist, but they are Messianic prophecies that have already been fulfilled. As noted earlier, Benedict will become an antipope, and will serve as Satan's puppet antichrist. Could Satan's deception of the Antichrist's reign be applied to mean that Benedict XVI will hold his office for three and one-half years, or seven years and then be deposed? Benedict XVI was dedicated on April 24, 2005, and a three and one-half year term would end Friday, October 24, 2008, and seven years would end on Tuesday, April 24, 2012.

There is no prophecy that gives the time of the Antichrist's reign. It is interesting that those who refute that the prophecies are calculated as one day for a year, have no problem in believing that the 70th week of Daniel 7:24 is referring to the last seven years that the Antichrist will reign.

April 24, 2005 plus 3^ years ends on October 24, 2008. And another 3^ years ends on April 24, 2012. I do not much care for making predictions, but I would suggest that these are two dates that ought to be watched.

Page 130

If the current pope; Benedict XVI is to follow the deceptive predictions that are given to the puppet antichrist, he should then reign peaceably for 3^ years, then conduct a reign of terror for another 3^ years, and then the real Antichrist will arrive on the scene in April 2012. Thus, if there is a transition from peace to terror in October 2008, then Benedict will become the puppet antichrist. If he dies and is replaced in October 2008, then the next "one" will be the real Antichrist.

In either scenario, the eighth head will complete the count to the sum of 666. This is the precise identifier of the "Man of Sin." (84 of 105) [10/28/2007 14:09:04]

While the eighth head sets up his agenda, this brings forward the message of the "first angel" saying that the "hour" of His judgment has come. The call to come out of Babylon is then repeated. Having correctly identified and re-identified the "Beast" of Revelation 17, those that see and believe, will separate from Babylon.

The "shockwave" that passes through humanity at the time of the "Loud Cry" will have a grave impact on the economy. Many churches will lose its members. Investments will soon have no value. In that day, not even gold will keep its value. The time of trouble begins.

The Loud Cry swells as the Third Angel's Message is given for the last time to the world.

The Gospel work will be made more difficult because of power being reinstated to the eighth head of the beast.

The plagues will be about to fall, and the people of God will carefully watch the events to unfold before them. Time is very short, and the assistance of the Holy Spirit attends the workers who are agonizing for the souls of others.

When the "Abomination of Desolation," (the eighth head) makes his move to stand in the "Holy Place" spoken of in Matthew, it coincides with the end of Christ's Mediation on behalf of man, and makes the final decree; "He that is holy let

Page 131

him remain holy, and he that is unclean shall remain unclean" then the time of Jacob's trouble begins, and the 7 plagues are poured out.

We have thus far affirmed that the prophecy of Revelation 13:18, and Revelation 17:9, as I have shown in this interpretation, is correct and is entirely supported by the Bible and history.

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