Everything You Need To Know About The Number 666

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The interpretation of this 1,900-year-old riddle will shake the very foundation of every Christian church, challenging all to make a tangible examination of how prophecy is to be understood. Many theologians have gone before trying to solve the meaning of these prophecies, and much of what they say is correct, but there are passages which have eluded them. As the time comes nearer to the end, these elusive truths must come forward. Otherwise, if we go through the time of the end, and have not gained the truths that are intended, then it will have been written in vain. There is very little time left. Do not let these prophecies, that are being fulfilled today, go by unnoticed.

The rich vein of truth was struck by finding in history the right answer to one single facet of the prophecy, and from there, each adjacent truth unfolded itself, until the whole prophecy came to life.

This research would have gone nowhere, except that I have found an affirmative answer in my quest. Attached to this first answer, was the whole line of elements in the prophecy, all neatly following in their order, being reflected in the same historic record. Led by these very elements, I have said of this research, that it wrote itself.

The interpretation in this book is not just a "fanciful idea," it is the most formidable interpretation that challenges the contemporary views and past interpretations, and is based on pure reality, and it will not simply fade away. It is supported by tangible evidence drawn from history, which anyone can verify. It is the only interpretation of the number 666, that contains its own "Certificate of Authenticity."

From an early age, I have been known for my exceptional abilities in Mathematics. Although my education did not afford me the opportunity to obtain a degree, I do not feel that God would have given this task to anyone who has a degree. Rather, I have much enjoyed the opportunity to be a simpler person, and have the time to uncover these ancient mysteries.

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