Everything You Need To Know About The Number 666

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Table of Contents

Foreword ix

A Word from the Author xv

Introduction xix

Table 1 xx

Fulfilled Prophecy Must Match History xxi

Behold, I Have Told You Before xxi

Chapter 1

The Biblical Count of the 666 Beast 27

The Path to Discovery 28

This is Not Time Setting 32

The Mountains are Counted 37

Errors in the Papal Record 39

Table 2 41

Table 3 42

Chapter 2

The Alignment of 34 Matching Elements of This Prophecy 49

A Matching Alignment Confirms the Interpretation 50

Page v

The Elements of the 666 Prophecy From Scripture, and Their Matching Elements of Fulfillment From the Historic Record 52

Chapter 3

Rules of Interpretation of Prophecy 73

Table 4 79

Chapter 4

The Perfect Truth 81

The Identification of a Beast's Head From Daniel's Prophecies 84

Chapter 5

The Dragon of Revelation 12 87

The Dragon of Revelation 12 is the Fourth Beast of Daniel 7: Rome 91 The Distinctive Differences Between the Dragon, the Beast and Their 15 Heads, 21 Horns and 17 Crowns 92

The Dragon's 7 Heads and 10 Horns 92

Chapter 6

Revelation is Written as a Chiastic Pattern 103

The Chiastic Patterns in Revelation 104

The Whole Chiastic Outline of Revelation 105

The Chiastic Structure Brings Together Additional Information 109

The Chiastic Center of Revelation: Chapter 12 110

Chapter 7

The Mathematics of Wisdom 111

Eleven Delimiting Factors in the Prophecy of the Number 666 111

Chapter 8

Dealing with Current Views 115

The Alleged Papal Title: Vicarius Filii Dei 117

Page vi

Errors of Former Interpretations; Satan's Counterfeits 119

Other Interpretations of the Seven Heads 120

Chapter 9

From This Day Forward 125

What Happens Next? 128

The Ten Horns of the Beast 132

Chapter 10

My Personal Account 135

Satan Also Deceives From Within 136

The Beginning of the Research 137

The Future 138

Chapter 11

A Great Cloud of Witnesses 139

Chapter 12

Testimonies from My Readers 143

The Testimony of History and the Testimony of the Prophecy 157

The Witnesses of History 159

Addendum 163

Page vii


This is a book about end time prophecy; the messages in this book are for those of us of this generation, who will see these prophecies fulfilled in the very near future. The information contained in this book is very important to all faiths as it shows us the correct explanation of the interpretation of the prophecies of Revelation, chapters 13, and 17.

These end time prophecies are meant to be understood by those of our generation, and they

http://www.666beast.net/ (5 of 105) [10/28/2007 14:09:03]

are about the imminent arrival of the Antichrist, so, while reading this book, ask God in prayer for his understanding of what you are about to read. Constantly watch your Newspapers, and TV news Broadcast channels for news, and other important information about what is happening in the world, and in particular what is happening in the Vatican, and specifically, regarding pope Benedict XVI as this pope is the one that will be deposed. When this will

**Foreword written by Robert Love Page ix happen, no one knows, but when you see or hear reports of trouble with this pope's papacy, know that the arrival of the Antichrist is very close at hand.

It is very important that all who read this book have a copy of the Authorized King James, God's Word, in addition to this book, close at hand to verify all the information contained in this book. The interpretation of events presented in this book are the most prophetically, and historically accurate, and correct interpretation that has yet been seen by modern man. It has been painstakingly researched, and compiled since 1997, and is backed up by the Bible, and past, and recent historic events that have already come to pass. The Loud Cry of the Three Angel's messages to come out of Babylon the Great will soon come to pass, in addition to many other soon to occur end time prophecies in Daniel, and Revelation. Knowing, and understanding what is about to take place, will help to prepare you for the second coming of Christ.

Read this book several times in order to gain a complete understanding of the information in it, and test every word in this book by, and with your Bible, the Word of God.

The time to spread the word is running out for all that know the truth about what will soon take place, and the people need to see that what they have been taught by the mainstream churches has been flawed, and they must be set straight before the Antichrist appears.

The times that we are living in are getting more, and more dangerous, and the worldly people are truly living on the edge, and soon the ways, and means by which we can spread the truth will be taken away from us, or radically curtailed to the point that we will have to go underground just to survive as well as continue the work of making known to all the people of this world that the end is very near.

Page x

Selected statements from my readers;

http://www.666beast.net/ (6 of 105) [10/28/2007 14:09:03]

1. I am very interested in your research and I think it is fascinating stuff! After reading the information in detail I am convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that it is true.

2. It is very interesting to know this with its details and mathematical precision.

3. I think your study on the beast of Revelation 13 & 17 is super-packed with harmonious truth.

4. I have had your website (www.666beast.net) book- marked for years, and read it often. I found the logic of your arguments to be well grounded and thought out.

5. I have not found any explanation of Revelation 17 that makes sense except for your interpretation. It is the only explanation that pinpoints exactly which man the number 666 refers to.

6. I believe you have been personally blessed with an insight into the Scripture. The clarification and distinction between the Dragon and the Beast is very helpful, and makes very good sense. It is very important and I can see how it was a step in your understanding of Revelation 17 and its association with the number 666. It is a pure blessing.

7. I found your article "count the popes in history and chapter 1, 2, etc " quite remarkable. And I found it very easy to read and I must say that you have quite a gift. I have been studying the Bible Prophecies in depth for over eight years and your article is one of the best and thought provoking I have read for quite some time.

Page xi

8. I've been studying this subject for a few years too. The FACT is this Papal explanation makes the most sense I've seen in a long time.

9. I have studied your research work for some time and I find that it is the best explanation to this last days scenario.

10. For the past week or so I have been reading and studying with keen interest and fascination the information (on the 666 count), etc, being totally captivated by it. A wave came over me as

I read your information. and I must say that I felt in my heart that this was the correct interpretation of the heads of the beast. If not, it certainly is a gigantic leap in the right direction.

11. Your interpretations of the scriptures are certainly inspired. 12. I am really excited about the chiastic structures and the truth that points one way and then the other to pinpoint deeper truths below the surface script.

13. Thank you for posting this information. It certainly is something to ponder and pray about.

14. I feel so compelled by the simplicity and perfect alignment of Revelation prophecy with the papacy's history that the only answer is that Joseph Ratzinger must be an antipope. What an interesting turn of events.

15. I just wanted to say that I support your research and I will continue to watch and see what happens. I really think you are on to something and this makes sense. I trust God with all of this.

16. I think you see how the future will play out because no other explanation I have come

Everything You Need To Know About the Number 666

across other than yours matches Scripture exactly.

17. Your theory is correct; it's just a matter of understanding how Benedict XVI will be determined to be a antipope.

Page xii

18. Thanks for writing back! All I can say is "WOW" to everything I just learned today. I've never even heard of your teachings before, and yet it made complete and total sense from the moment I started reading it. I'm in 'awe' at the fact that we're living to see the "end of days" unfold right in front of us! I'm going to stay-tuned to see what happens with Benedict XVI...

Page xiii

A Word from the Author

While these candid readers of my research have made a near unanimous observation of the accuracy, exactness, pinpoint perfect alignment, simplicity, harmonious truth and detail of precision, and well grounded in Scripture, there remain those who firmly say that it is wrong. However, not one of them ever has shown how. Rather, all these have shown that they are drunk on the Wine of Babylon; little bits here and there in what they teach and believe, that are known to be sourced from the false teachings of the Great Whore of Babylon. Instead of looking to God and His Word for the source of their teachings, they have imbibed on false teachings to formulate their beliefs.

And underlining all these things, there are statements from the Bible and others that directly speak of the resistance that the final thrust of the Third Angel's Message will receive, by the professed people of God. Superhuman efforts are being put forth to suppress this from the people. I have not been

Page xv granted access to any pulpit or publication to present this to the people.

While in 1998 this message was first preached in Romania, and since then, in San Francisco and Texas, it has shown that when it is preached, it has provoked the most profound response from the people.

Alcohol is a strong intoxicant, but the most intoxicating wine I have ever seen comes from the false teachings of Babylon. It has overwhelmed the teachers and leaders of the churches who

Everything You Need To Know About the Number 666

think that they must have something to say about things that they have not yet received a word from the Lord about. It is no wonder then, that the Bible admonishes us to be SOBER! No prophecy will be revealed before its time. How long has the world lived with the numbers that the popes use, yet no one out of the 6 billion people in the world, has every thought that these are the numbers of the beast that add up to 666, and follow it through to see that it does? The time of this research, has come at a time to be finished, just before it comes to pass. It is not my pet theory. It is based on tangible evidence, which anyone can confirm from history, and it's supported by the precise structure of the book of Revelation. Even though I am the one chosen to reveal this interpretation, it is not from any intent on my part to produce the interpretation. I did not pursue this for the purpose of any other agenda, nor was I trying to interpret parts of Scripture that seemed elusive. I merely sought from history, the evidence of 666, if it actually existed.

Why did I not find this information from the days of John Paul I, when all of the same facts in history existed then, that was used in the research here? At that time, I had just completed a dissertation on the Three Angels' Messages of Revelation 14:6-12. I sensed then, that there was more that followed, but I could not determine what that would be.

The time that God deems that a message be given, will it be given, and it could not be discerned by anyone before that

Page xvi time. It is not a matter of my own wisdom, nor in the wisdom of all the theologians in the world; God is in control of His Truth. If I had refused to do as God expected of me, He would have raised up another. I remember Foss and Foy who passed their calling.

Every church today, is a part of the Laodicean church. Content to believe what they have been taught, they miss the direct messages of the prophecies. We all need the eyesalve to discern our condition.

And knowest not that thou are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. —Revelation 3:17

To my son, and to all who desire the truth; I say: Find the truth, know the truth, and speak the truth. Ralph Myers

Page xvii Introduction

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