Errors In The Papal Record

If the papal record had contained no errors, we could just use the numbers that are shown after their name. The errors in the papal record are thus corrected to what they actually are, without any errors. The count is thus corrected to reflect the legitimate number of popes within each mountain. Since there was no John XX; and Benedict X and John XVI were deposed, the number of legitimate popes named John and Benedict are corrected to 21 and 14 respectively. All other popes of these seven mountains are legitimate and their numbers are counted directly. If the Vatican would move to correct the errors in the numbering of the popes, to eliminate the gaps in the official papal list, then the count would be exactly as it is shown in this research, and there would not be any need to explain the errors of the papal numbers, and anyone could readily produce this same exact count themselves. The papal numbers are corrected to reflect their respective count as though no errors were made. Thus, antipopes are not counted nor do their numbers affect the count in any way. If their number has been skipped, then their number is applied to the next legitimate pope. The official papal record has failed to maintain this rule in all instances and

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thus they have introduced error into the record. These errors are corrected to eliminate the errors in the count.

There is no John XX in any papal record. John XVI (997999) and Benedict X (1058-1059) were deposed, so the "actual" number is reduced by the same amount. This corrects the count to the true number that was naturally done with the following antipopes not listed in the record: Benedict XIII (1394-1423), Gregory VIII (1118-1121) and John XXIII (14101415) were deposed and their count continues with the true Benedict XIII (1724-1730), Gregory VIII (1187) and John XXIII (1958-1963). Gregory (1012) and John (844) were deposed and were not even numbered, therefore the count was never affected by them.

An explanation is given of the discrepancy in the numbers assigned to the name John; "It should be observed that there is no John XX in the catalogue. This is due to the fact that, in the 'Liber Pontificalis,' two dates are given in connection with the life of John XIV (983). This introduced confusion into some of the papal catalogues, and a separate pope was assigned to each of these dates. Thus three popes named John were made to appear between Benedict VII and Gregory V. The error led the pope of the 13th century who should have been called John XX to style himself John XXI." (Duchesne, "Lib. Pont." 2:17).

Pope Benedict IX ascended to the papacy three times and was deposed as an antipope twice. In spite of his vile life and having been deposed, he retired from the papacy as a legitimate pope and of him it is said that he died penitent.

Revelation 13:18 confirms that the number 666 is both the number of a man and the beast. Revelation 17:10 confirms that the eighth head that arises after the seven, is the beast, and is only one person, who is alive to the end and is destroyed by the second coming of Christ. He is the eighth, following in sequence after the first seven, but not included in the list

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of heads that are also called mountains. The eighth is not a mountain.

The table shown next is derived by adding up each number of their names in a "mountain" fashion. Pope Paul for example adds 21 to the count by adding the numbers of all the popes named Paul;

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