Matching Alignment Confirms The Interpretation

When a prophecy is interpreted correctly, it will take all the elements of the prophecy and congeal them into one contiguous account. Where false interpretations are introduced, they fail to fit the whole account, often appearing to stand separate from the rest of the elements of the prophecy. When one portion of the truth is perceived, it is like striking a rich vein in a mine; it leads along a path to more truth.

By examining the template of prophecy written by John the Revelator, and comparing it to the historical record of the Catholic Church, I see a clear and complete alignment. I ask that all who read this document to examine carefully all the evidence, study the book of Revelation, and watch and pray.

The papal record shows there to be seven heads from the demarcation point of 1798 as outlined in the prophecy, and the cumulative sum of the numbers of these seven heads, equals a total of 665 with John Paul II.

There are many elements within this prophecy and all these elements must follow continuity within their fulfillment. They must fit accurately and be clearly evident. It aligns perfectly. I neither wrote the prophecy nor the history that it aligns with, but I can affirmatively write that they form the most detailed and precise alignment than any other prophecy that identifies the beast as the papacy. The difference between this interpretation and other interpretations is this: I demonstrate a contiguous account that brings together all of the elements of this prophecy, and the contiguous historic record demonstrate that it matches all of the contiguous elements of this prophecy, like a strand of DNA; both history and prophecy form the same pattern. No

Everything You Need To Know About the Number 666

other interpretation makes ANY connection at all. They are presented as singular elements that do not have a contiguous application. The number 666 is not shown by

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them to be related to the seven heads. Their interpretation of the number 666 is not associated with the other elements of the prophecy. But the interpretation I present connects all of the elements together. The first matching element of the prophecy directed this research to the next matching element.

I am not asking anyone to discard their cherished belief, without providing in its place, a far more "Perfect" interpretation that is; as the Bible often phrases it, "exceedingly better" in every aspect, and has its roots in a Biblical interpretation only, and is not corrupted with false teachings.

It is not predicated in any aspect on Catholic interpretation. The "papal title" interpretation, though it is directed at the papacy, is based on the conversion of letters into numbers as written in the Catholic Douay Rheims bible footnotes.

The correct interpretation demonstrates an alignment through all of the elements of this prophecy, whereas the belief most prominently held, have only involved a few of the elements of this prophecy, and for the other elements, it fails to draw any connections between them.

This research has revealed an exact match between the number 666, and the count of the popes' numbers. The mathematics of this prophecy requires an exactness which is met precisely by the historic record. It also follows within the continuum of the straight line of truth and provides further knowledge along this continuum. The latter part of this prophecy is about to unfold before the whole world.

As soon as the next papal *election takes place, it will be seen to fall exactly within the disclosed parameters of this prophecy. You should be able to understand now what this prophecy says and know what will soon take place. *(after the death of John Paul II).

When I have personally observed from the historic record that the popes fulfill not only the number 666, but add to the same record, a match for every sequential element from this

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prophecy, I can never accept any other interpretation, that does not display this high degree of accuracy and form this kind of alignment. No other interpretation has been able to demonstrate anything near this depth or accuracy. Every prophetic element is easily seen to (32 of 105) [10/28/2007 14:09:03]

Everything You Need To Know About the Number 666

match the record with the same simplicity and accuracy as the previous matching set before it.

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