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Creator: Charlie Page
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Price: $197.00

Various Levels Of Initiation

As this is common knowledge concerning Masons, the first quote will be from CUT's Pearls of Wisdom (The Ascended Master's Weekly Newsletter) Apr. 9,1967, p. 10. where are the staunch ones applying to Us today for Initiation into the highest steps here at Luxor CUT doesn't have the multitude of levels like Masonry though.

Prolife Truth Orthodox John Paul Ii

Jaki's book 'The Road of Science and the Ways to God', is this principle that a rational belief in the existence of a Creator, and of an ordered universe which He has created and governs, played a crucial role in the rise of science in Western culture and in all of its great creative advances. This article was taken from 'The Dawson Newsletter,' Spring 1995. MULLOY JAKI SCIENCE GOD GIFFORD LECTURES

The Observable Phenomena

After writing the above paragraph early in 1991 from confidential sources about Satanism within the Mormon temples, a confirmation has come out in the form of a memo written by Glenn L. Pace, Second Counselor in the Presiding Bishopric of the LDS church. The memo is authentic, and the Mormon committee it refers to called Strengthening Church Members Committee did exist. The memo was only for use for the select inside the Mormon church, but the Utah Lighthouse Ministry got a copy and published it in their newsletter Salt Lake City Messenger (Nov. 1991). Basically, what Mormon General Authority Glenn Pace is warning about is that there is a Satanic conspiracy operating within the Mormon church. Pace interviewed 60 Mormons who had been abused in Satanic rituals. These 60 were all Mormons, the Satanists that had abused them in Satanic rituals were all Mormons, and the abuse had taken place in various places including Mormon churches, the Temples, and even while one was serving as a Mormon...

The Romanian Orthodox Church since 1989

About fourteen new theology faculties, in Iasi, Cluj, Craiova, Timisoara, among other places, and seminaries were opened after 1990, somewhat exceeding the real needs of the Church. Editorial activity developed as theological studies, textbooks and translations from western literature were published. Archbishop Bartolomeu Anania of Cluj, an esteemed poet, playwright and theologian, published his translation of the Bible. As well as the previously existing periodicals, every bishopric centre has its own newsletter.

Putting Chilton to Work

He joined the Chalcedon staff part-time around 1978. He later became a full-time staff member. But the inevitable happened to him, just as it had happened to so many bright young men before him. He left Chalcedon as he had come fired with enthusiasm.' I hired him to produce a monthly newsletter published by my Institute for Christian Economics in Tyler, Texas, The Biblical Educator, in the fall of 1979. It ran for almost three years.


The book Beyond Top Secret mentions that he works for the CIA. Those attending the Mufon Conference according to the Newsletter (see next note) hold the opinion he is CIA. William Cooper, author of Behold A Pale Horse, and one of the most knowledgable people on UFOs, states that he saw Philip Klass's name as a CIA agent in documents he saw between 1970 and 1973. See page 226 of his book Behold A Pale Horse, Sedona, AR Light Technology Pub, 1991. 7. Nevada Aerial Research Group Newsletter, July, 1989, p.5


Instead of unIty In the Body of MashIach, what we have Is compartmentalIsm each claImIng to be followIng OWYhy, but actually each compartment follows a man who founded theIr denomInatIon . They don't actually come out and say I am of Herbert Armstrong , or I am of John Smyth , but that's stIll the result of It. An elder named Darnel BotkIn who publIshes a newsletter (see Resources In the back), very effectIvely explaIned thIs. He quoted C.E. Tozer, who observed the same thIng. Mr. Tozer noted that If 100 pIanos are tuned to the same tunIng fork, then they are tuned together perfectly. If each of us tunes hImself to RabbI OWYhy, then we are automatIcally In unIty That's one of the reasons I'm usIng the palaeo-Hebrew when I wrIte the Name men have monked wIth thIngs, but the orIgInal cannot be denIed by any honest scholar. FLESH A BODY OF DEATH