God is above Time.

e. g. "I am that I am," "Good," "Fair."

e. g. Sun," c c Star," "Rock," etc.

ano tov . . . npovoiov e npovoou^evov. The first are the faculties of acting or being revealed in a certain the second are the results or manifestations of these faculties when in action.

Thus the complete classification is: (1) Analogies drawn from the material world, (a) universal, (b)

particular; (2) psychic visions.

Ezek. i. 26, 27. Ps. x. 5. James v. 4. Dan. vii. 9. Ps. xxxiii. 17. Job x. 8. Ps. xci. 4.

[163] Tov voexov rneovu|aiov--i. e. the Names belonging to God when revealed in the relative sphere; not those which belong to the ultimate Godhead as such. In fact, the Godhead, as such, is Nameless. See Intr., p. 7.

[164] KupioCT eiTCew--i. e. actually godlike because man is deified by them.

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