Paul's letters

New Testament gospels

Anthony enters the desert; beginnings of monasticism Constantine's Edict of Milan Council of Nicaea Augustine of Hippo Council of Chalcedon

Secession of Nestorian and Monophysite churches Benedict's Rule Maximus the Confessor

Charlemagne crowned Emperor by Pope Leo III Simeon the New Theologian Baptism of Vladimir, Prince of Kiev:

'conversion of Russia' Founding of mendicant orders Thomas Aquinas Gregory Palamas

Condemnation of beguines at Council of Vienne Fall of Constantinople

Pope Alexander VI divides newly discovered lands in Central and South America between Spain and Portugal c. 4 bce-c. 30 ce c. 30-c. 60 ce c. 60-120 ce c. 270 ce 313 ce 325 ce 354-430 ce 451 ce 483-91 ce c. 540 ce 580-662 ce 800 ce 949-1022 ce

989 ce 1209-16 ce c. 1225-74 ce 1296-1359 ce 1311-13 ce 1453 ce

1493 ce

Martin Luther John Calvin

Luther excommunicated; Protestant Christianity begins to take shape Henry VIII takes control of the new 'Church of

England' Council of Trent Russia becomes a Patriarchate Foundation of the first Baptist Church in England Pilgrim Fathers set sail for America George Fox organizes the Society of Friends Conversion of John Wesley, founder of Methodism Friedrich Schleiermacher Unitarianism organized in America Karl Barth

Second Vatican Council John Paul II elected Pope

Election of first woman bishop in Church Christianity

(Barbara Harrison, Episcopal Church) Total number of Christian adherents reaches two billion worldwide, with equal numbers in North and South

1483-1546 ce 1509-64 ce

1521 ce

1534 ce 1545-63 ce 1589 ce 1612 ce 1620 ce 1647 ce 1740 ce 1768-1834 ce 1815 ce 1886-1968 ce 1962-5 ce 1978 ce

1988 ce

2000 ce

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