The Conversation Between Allah and Moses Quranic

Allah the Exalted revealed some of the dialogue that took place between Him and Moses on Mount Sinai:

"And what made you hasten from your people, O Moses?"

He said: "They are close on my footsteps, and I hastened to You, O my Lord! That you might be pleased."

Allah said: "Verily! We have tried your people in your absence, and As-Samiri has led them astray."

Then Moses returned to his people in a state of anger and sorrow. He said: "O my people! Did not your Lord promise you a fair promise? Did then the promise seem to you long in coming? Or did you desire the Wrath should descend from your Lord on you, so you broke your promise to me (disbelieving in Allah and worshipping the calf)?" (Ch 20: 83-86 Quran)

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