The Metaphysics of Theism

Print ISBN 9780199246533, 2001 pp. [111]-[115]

Alpha's existence in G6 and then discarding it would be unjustifiable, and Aquinas obviously has no inclination to declare Alpha's necessary existence inexplicable. All necessary existence is explicable, either on the basis of extrinsic necessitation or on the basis of intrinsic necessitation (lines 9-11). And the necessary existence that must belong to Alpha, the first cause, must of course be explained intrinsically (lines 11-14). Putting it in terms of PSR2, Alpha must have a reason for its existence, and cannot have it in the causal efficacy of some other beings and so must have it in the necessity of its own nature. Putting it as the conclusion of G6 puts it, a 'first necessary being' must be 'necessary through itself'.

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