Alston on Natural Theology

Alston's attitude toward natural theology has at least three essential components. First, he favours it, in a sensibly cautious way: 'As for myself, though I have no tendency to suppose that the existence of God can be demonstratively proved from extrareligious premises, I find certain of the arguments to be not wholly lacking in cogency. In particular, I think that there is much to be said for the ontological, cosmological, and moral arguments, in certain of their forms' (Alston 1991: 289; emphasis added).

But, second, he boldly assigns it as broad a scope as it could possibly have. Commenting on the remarks I just quoted, he says, This characterization of natural theology sticks closely to the classically recognized "arguments for the existence of God", but it need not be construed that narrowly. It also includes attempts to end p.5

Kretzmann, Norman , (deceased) formerly Susan Linn Sage Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Cornell University, New York

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