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The Origins Of The Choir

With this school, Gregory established professional singers who trained Christian choirs all throughout the Roman Empire. The singers trained for nine years. They had to memorize every song that they sang including the famous Gregorian chant. Gregory wiped out the last vestiges of congregational singing, believing music was a clerical function and the exclusive right of trained singers.

Confession in religion2

In caring for souls it was important that the burden of the penance fit the weight of the sin, taking into account not only the sinful action but also its motive and any extenuating circumstances that applied, and in order to guide clergy in assigning suitable penance, monks and bishops in the Middle Ages began composing Penitential Manuals, books which correlated sins to the penance they warranted. To make the practice more uniform, over time it became common to organize these handbooks following the scheme of the Ten Commandments or the seven cardinal sins, or some similar list of the sinful ways of human beings that the faithful could be taught to use as devices for inventorying their evil thoughts and actions since their last confession. This, as it turns out, proved to be a highly effective device for moral instruction. In memorizing these comprehensive lists of the categories of sin, a template for the moral life was internalized - the shape of the Christian conscience itself...

The Serb Church and the Stepinac Syndrome

In the late 1980s, the Serb Orthodox Church collaborated with academics and literati to highlight the motif of Muslims as Christ killers and race traitors. It was a motif that came to dominate the commemoration of the 600th anniversary of the Kosovo battle. Supporters of the Republika Srpska memorized and quoted Njegos's Mountain Wreath and even more violent religious epics as they planned and carried out their genocide. Verses from these epics glorifying the extermination of Muslim civilians were being posted on the Internet even as various villages and cities in Bosnia-Herzegovina were being cleansed of Muslims and all evidence of Muslim civilization was eradicated. 19 Militiamen involved in the atrocities wore patches depicting the battle of Kosovo and received medals with the name of Milos Obilic, the assassin of Sultan Murat. 20 In an Orthodox monastery

And the man that committeth adultery with another mans wife even he that committeth adultery with his neighbors wife

At this point, we recall that the scribes were those whose task was to copy out the scriptures. So they should be expected to know what the Law said. The Pharisees were especially noted for memorizing the five books of Moses. But what have they done here They have shown themselves to be liars, and incompetents in front of all the people. First of all they were liars for misquoting Moses whose disciples they claimed to be. Experts in the Law who don't even know what the Law says

The Cistercian movement

In the third place, in contrast with many of the foundations of the black monks which were near the cities, the Cistercians established their houses far from other habitations. Their lands were to be cleared and tilled by their own labour and not that of serfs. Some of this was done by the choir monks. Most of it was by the more numerous con-versi, or lay brothers. The conversi were illiterate, they memorized only the creed and a few of the prayers, their prayers at the canonical hours were brief, and they were allowed more sleep and food than the choir monks. They followed the rule of silence except such exchange of words as was necessary for their work. The use of lay brothers made servants unnecessary.

Rejecting the Unique American Culture

With the book's simulation materials, students weren't just required to learn about the religion they were forced to pretend they were Muslims, praying in the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful, and to chant praise to Allah, Lord of Creation. They were required to take Muslim names, simulate their own jihad (a holy war against Islam's enemies) through a dice game, and plan a pilgrimage to Mecca. At Byron Excelsior Public School, a middle school in the Oakland area-where students, incidentally, rank very poorly in English comprehension-students were taught to write Islamic sayings in the Arabic language. Teachers further encouraged students to dress in Muslim garb and to use Muslim phrases such as Allah Akbar, meaning God is great. They even had to memorize Islamic prayers, fulfill the Five Pillars of the faith, and engage in lunchtime fasts during Ramadan, the Islamic holy month, all of which counted toward their grade in the class. Teachers told students that during this...

The Vicissitudes of the Twentieth Century

Anathema to your family who profaned Greece with you anathema to your father who gave you his seed anathema to your mother who nurtured such a snake in her womb accursed and wretched man May you stay for ever in the darkness of our religion that you didn't respect may no one be close to you and close your eyes when you die so that you keep your eyes open even when dead and see the country you have betrayed anathema to your soul, anathema to the chaos you have created anathema to your memory, anathema to all who remember you, anathema, anathema, anathema.

The Promise to Abraham

Religion ) these things would have been known to Abraham. The motivation which Abraham needed to go through with it all must have been tremendous. The only thing that provided that motivation throughout his long travelling years was the word of promise. He must have memorized those words and daily meditated upon what they really meant to him.

Protestantism And Education

The rise of the Sunday school in the late eighteenth century proved to be a significant means of consolidating Protestant influence. This was initially seen as a means of providing suitable occupation for the urban poor, who would otherwise merely cause trouble. However, Sunday schools quickly developed into an important agency of Protestant education in the cities of the United States. There students were encouraged to memorize verses of the Bible, an exercise seen as fundamental to a religious upbringing.67 By 1820 there are known to have been several hundred Sunday schools in the United States. All gave priority to religious instruction over reading and writing, although most taught the latter subjects as a means of inculcating the former. Many schools used a ticket reward system students were given a blue ticket for every ten verses they memorized, traded six blue tickets for one red, and eventually cashed in the red tickets at a value of one-half cent each

Literacy reading and faith

One of the fundamental characteristics of the Protestant and the subsequent Catholic Reformations was the assertion that no one could claim to be a Christian unless they could account for their belief. Thus, Luther viewed the catechism as 'something each Christian must absolutely know, so that anyone not knowing it will not be considered a Christian and will not be admitted to any of the sacraments'.1 Indeed, a strong link was established between religion and teaching among Protestants and Catholics alike. This link persisted throughout the early modern period, with the catechism, a unique expression in question-and-answer form of the dogmatic truths essential to belief (the Ten Commandments, the creeds, the principal prayers) viewed as an essential work, laid out for easy memorization by children. Luther had even maintained that it should be displayed on tablets (Tafeln), hung both in church, and in the school and home. Based on quotations from the gospel and the Pauline apostles,...

Belief In Allahs Existence

The human body does not only contain apparatuses producing various kinds of substances with intricate formulas affecting various chemical reactions, doing analysis, treating illnesses, purifying, annihilating poisons, curing boils, filtering various kinds of substances, and giving energy, but it also embodies an immaculate network of electricity, leverage, an electronic computer, an alarm system, an optical set, an apparatus for receiving sounds, an apparatus for making and controlling pressure, and a system for fighting against microbes to annihilate them. And the heart is a stupendous, ever-working pump. Of old, Europeans used to say, The human body consists of plenty of water, a little calcium, a little phosphorus, and a few inorganic and organic substances. Therefore, the human body is worth a couple of pounds. But today the calculations done in American universities have clearly indicated that the value of various rare hormones, enzymes, and organic preparations, which the human...

Scripture Memory Passage

Note The last section of this passage speaks of God visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and the children's children. Some might want to stop short of this part in memorizing the passage, but we should remember that this, too, is Scripture and is written for our edification. This statement shows the horrible nature of sin in the way it has effects far beyond the individual sinner, also harming those around the sinner and harming future generations as well. We see this in tragic ways in ordinary life, where the children of alcoholics often become alcoholics and the children of abusive parents often become abusive parents.

Ezra Finds and Copies the Torah

She rushed to the assembly of the Israelites. Ezra's son was one hundred eighteen years old, and his children 's children now were lords of the assembly. She called out to them saying This is Ezra come to you. They accused her of lying. She said I am your old maid. He has just prayed to Allah for me, and here I am whole again, walking and seeing. The people stood up and looked at him. His son said My father had a mark between his shoulders, a black mole, and they discovered it. They said None among us memorized the Torah since Nabuchadnezzar burned it, except Ezra and there was only one copy of the Torah, which was hidden by Sarukha. He buried it in the days of Nabuchadnezzar in a place none but Ezra knows. Ezra led the people to the hidden place and took out that copy of the Torah. Its leaves had rotted, and the book itself crumpled.

The Second Wave Of Hellenism

Philosophy must have been cultivated at many centres in the Islamic world. By chance we hear of men versed in the philosophical sciences at a small town near the south coast of the Caspian Sea. At least it was a man from this town who gave the first instruction in philosophy to a boy who later became in the opinion of many the greatest of all the philosophers writing in Arabic. This was Avicenna, or Abu-'Ali ibn-Siria (980-1037). He was mainly of Persian stock, it would seem, but may also have had Turkish blood. He grew up in Bukhara, and began his education by memorizing the Quran and Arabic poetry, before passing on to jurisprudence. He was possibly only about fourteen when the visiting scholar mentioned above introduced him to Aristotelian logic, and found to his surprise that the boy soon had a better grasp of the subject than his teacher. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge Avicenna then devoured all the scientific and philosophical books he could get hold of. He studied...

Mark D Jordan

Repeated in so many Christian liturgies that it seems silly to refer to them. Hear in your memory's ear at least some phrases from an English Nicene Creed Who for us men, and for our salvation, came down from heaven and was incarnate by the Holy Ghost of the Virgin Mary, and was made man. Or, in a less aggressively masculinist translation Who for us human beings, and for our salvation, descended from heaven, and was put into flesh by the holy spirit from the virgin, Mary, and became human. Incarnate, put into flesh. Some Christians kneel or bow their heads at the words. Most know them by rote. Christianity as the religion of God in human flesh - it is almost too trite to say and yet still too disconcerting to think.3

The ordered memory

The function of memory in comprehending the contours of the self has been at the center of several important movies in the last few years.31 Christopher Nolan's film, Memento (2000), for example, is about a man who, suffering from a condition of short-term memory loss that prevents him from retaining any memory for more than a few minutes at a time, compensates by relaying messages to himself through snapping Polaroid pictures, scribbling notes on them ( this is my car, do not trust this man ), and stuffing them into his pockets. Each day he must decipher the clues he has left for himself in order to recall that his wife was raped and murdered and that he was struck in the head during the attack, which accounts for why he cannot remember anything. He archives the most essential messages to himself by tattooing them onto his body, in effect, inscribing his memory onto his skin. The single goal he has assigned to his cubist consciousness is to avenge his wife's death. He awakens each...

The Waldensees

In their tenets and practices the followers of Waldo continued to seek to conform to the New Testament. They memorized large portions of its vernacular translations. Following what they believed it commanded them, they went about two and two, preaching, simply clad, barefoot or wearing sandals, and subsisting on what was given them by those who listened to them. They refused to heed Pope or bishop and taught that the Church of Rome was not the head of the Catholic Church but was corrupt. They held that women and laymen could preach, that masses and prayers for the dead were without warrant, that purgatory is the troubles which come to us in this life, and that to be efficacious prayer need not be confined to churches. They criticized prayers in Latin on the ground that they were not understood by the people, and derided church music and the canonical hours. They declared that while priests and bishops who lived as had the apostles were to be obeyed, sacraments administered by unworthy...

Our First Customers

1 urge my Muslim readers to memorize this verse, phrase by phrase, with its meaning so as to open up a new world of Da'wah opportunities for them. people who were familiar with the quotation. In the audience of about three hundred, eleven brothers put up their hands. 1 then requested that if any of the eleven were Hafiz-ul-Qur'an they should put their hands down since they were expected to know the whole verse by virtue of their memorization of the Holy Qur'an. Three out of the eleven put down their hands. 1 asked the remaining eight individually to complete the second half of the verse. There was a 100 failure. I too had been in the same boat with regard to the memorizing of this Aayah for a very long time.

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