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1 The Guide had been translated into Hebrew in 1204 by Samuel Ibn Thibbon. In this paper, all references to The Guide are to the translation in English by Shlomo Pines 1963.

2 "La theorie baconienne de l'analogie (DS, # 100-133; CST, # 129-142) ne ressemble a aucune des theoreis "scholastiques" forgees dans la seconde moitie du XIIIe siecle. Et pour cause: ce n'est pas, contrairement a celle dite "aristotelicothomiste", une theorie de l'analogie de l'etre", Alain de Libera. "Roger Bacon et La Logique," Jeremiah Hackett, 1997; Thomas S.Maloney 1984.

3 Maimonides/Pines 1963, II, 37 on Magic; Maimonides/Lerner-Mahdi, 1963, 227-236 (Letter on Astrology). The positions of Grosseteste and Thomas Aquinas are clearly in agreement with the position of Maimonides on Judicial Astrology. And while Bacon does defend some uses of judicial astrology in political matters, he makes some precisions which clearly take into account the criticisms of the implied necessitarianism of the astrologers. See Hackett, 1997.

4 Maimonides, Guide 1963; Maimonides/Lerner, 1963- On Bacon's use of and dependence on

Abu 'Mishiirfor his understanding of the role of Astrology in his general philosophy, see Hackett. 1997, 175-98.

5 For Dante, see Gilson, 1948; For Bacon on moral philosophy as the completion of philosophy, see Hackett, 1986, 55-109.

6 That he is only capable, due to limited time and resources, of writing an Opus preambulatum and not an Opus principale or a Summa is repeated at length by Bacon in his works and in his Letter to Pope Clement IV.

7 Bacon, Communia naturalium, I, (Steele), 124: Et finis est nobilior causarum, quia omnia ordinantur in finem, et efficiens est nobilius forma et materia, quia dat eis esse, transmutat enim materiam in esse specificum quod vocatur forma, et forma est nobiliius materia in tribus modis predictis, Summa, Pars la Co 4to, qui sunt superius primi modi.

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