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In Arabic:

ed. S.Dunya. Cairo 1961.

ed. Mouhyi al-Dîn Sabrî al-Kourdî. Cairo 1331/1913 and again 1936

Beer, Ghazzâlî. Al-Gazzâlî's Makâsid al-Falâsifat, I-Teil—die Logik. Leiden 1888.

The Dunya addition is clearer than Kourdî's. However, the text of the two is virtually identical, and neither is a critical edition. Beer edited and translated the Logic for his dissertation.

In Latin:

Lohr, C. "Logica Algazelis Introduction and Critical Text." Traditio. XXI (1965), 239-288.

Algazel's Metaphysics, ed. Mückle, J. Toronto 1933.

Logica et Philosophia (Venedig 1506). Introduction by C.Lohr. Frankfurt 1969. Lohr's is a careful critical edition which covers the Logic, the one section that Mückle did not. Despite the weaknesses of the Mückle edition discussed above, it is a useful work. The Latin is remarkably close to the Arabic, which pays tribute to Muckle's choice and use of manuscripts.

The Logica et Philosophia is simply a reprinting of the 1506 edition of Peter Liechtenstein. Despite the name, it also includes the Physics. It differs in some important respects from Muckle's critical edition, e.g. in the beginning of the Physics it correctly states that five articles will be presented, whereas the main manuscript tradition states only four.

Logica et Philosophia Algazelis Arabis. Olms 1997.

In Hebrew:

Auerbach, H. Albalag und seine Übersetzung des Maqäsid, I Teil. Breslau 1906. The Logical Part of al-Ghazzäli's Maqäsid al-faläsifa. ed. Chertoff, Gershan. Columbia University Thesis 1952.

In German:

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In Spanish:

Alonso, M. Algazel: Maqäsid al-Faläsifa: o Intenciones de los filósofos. Barcelona 1963.

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