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Both Maimonides and Bacon offer critiques of the "stupid" or "false" Astrologers.3 On the surface, it would appear that Bacon's position is a polar opposite to that of Maimonides in that he utilizes Abu Mashar's Grand Conjunctions and The Introduction to Astronomy in order to devise a sociology of religious societies of the kind mentioned above in reference to Ancient Judaism.4 Yet, Bacon is very careful in making qualifications to Abu' Mashar's account, and these precisions may in fact echo the concerns of Maimonides. In keeping with Maimonides, he offers a thorough criticism of the necessitarianism of judicial astrology. Likewise, he attacks the "stupid" or "false" astrologers. Both authors defend a notion of Divine Creativity, the importance of the singular person and they stress the role of choice in freedom of action. Further, both authors hold that the Stars do not compel "this individual" to be necessitated to one form of life. Bacon's use of medical phenomena and the important role of experience and reason in medicine to limit the influence of the Stars may exhibit the influence of Maimonides (Bacon, Opus mains, part VI, Bridges 1897).

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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