First, I would like to thank the contributors for carrying through a project in rethinking what it means to talk about a balanced historiography of medieval philosophy. I would especially like to thank Daniel Frank, Michael Marmura, and David Burrell for discussions and ideas over a number of years on how to gather a group of senior and junior scholars—and some in between—in order to trace philosophical continuities and discontinuities across the three great monotheistic traditions. Traditionally it has been rare for scholars to be interested in each of these traditions and their relations, even though this is what is needed if we are to arrive at a more balanced history. The encouragement and assistance of Jonathan Price, the Chief Editor at Curzon Press, has been most appreciated, as has the advice on specific computer issues of David McCarthy at LaserScript Limited. I also thank the Department of Philosophy of the University of Dayton, and especially the Chair, Patricia Johnson, together with the whole university, for hosting a gathering of the contributors to shape this work at the 26th Richard R.Baker Philosophy Colloquium in April 1999.

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