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Questions For Personal Application

Why is it important to your Christian life to know which writings are God's words and which are not How would your relationship with God be different if you had to look for his words that were scattered among all the writings of Christians throughout church history How would your Christian life be different if God's words were contained not only in the Bible but also in the official declarations of the church throughout history

Sex women children marriage and the family

We have noted that at least from the time of Paul virginity was esteemed above the married state. Yet, except in some of the minority groups, such as the Marcionites, marriage was not proscribed. In the case of the death of one partner, a second marriage was forbidden by the stricter elements in the Church, but was eventually permitted by the more lenient. A third marriage was regarded as evil. Sexual intercourse outside of marriage was sternly interdicted and within marriage was permitted only for the procreation of children. Divorce was not allowed, except after the violation of the marriage bond by one of its partners. Sexual offenses were by no means unknown among Christians, but they were long held to exclude the offender from the Church. Later, as we have noted, restoration was permitted after due repentance and discipline. Civil law forbade a woman of high degree to marry a man of lower social rank, a freedman, or a slave, and decreed that if she disobeyed she would sink to the...

Dont Tell Me What To Do with My Body Sexual Control and Church Decline

Getting in touch with one's authentic self and freeing one's emotional life from the chains and restrictions that the establishment would place upon it necessarily involved expressing one's sexuality in a free and authentic manner. Not only in personal but also in public life it was in the realm of sexuality that the counter-culture made some its earliest, most publicized and most far-reaching gains. Thus the late 1960s witnessed the most striking changes in the legal framework of sexuality for almost a hundred years. Between 1967 and 1970 there was significant new legislation on abortion, homosexuality, stage censorship and divorce (Weeks 2000 147).14 There were also significant changes in individual behavior, with disapproval of premarital sex in the USA dropping from 68 percent in 1969 to 48 percent by 1973, the number of unmarried couples living together tripling in the 1970s, the median age of first marriage rising, the number of single person households rising, the divorce rate...

Mystics and Troubadours

Lives on in Richard Wagner's opera, modern novels, and movies. De Rougemont states of the legend ''Happy love has no history. Romance only comes into existence where love is fatal, frowned upon and doomed by life itself. What stirs lyrical poets to their finest flights is neither the delight of the senses nor the fruitful contentment of the settled couple not the satisfaction of love, but its passion. And passion means suffering.'' Such passion may be understood as the height of eros because the rapture is precisely not in the capture but in the quest. Indeed, the more obstacles encountered, the more passionate the love. The quest fulfilled is no longer a quest. The elusiveness, the distance (love from afar) of the woman was indispensable to the development and maintenance of desire and passion. The woman, once attained, is no longer striven for. That is also why courtly love celebrated love from afar, that is, unattainable love of a woman of a higher social class, a woman married to...

Love in the Modern World

The Romantic endorsement of passion over convention was scandalously promoted in Schlegel's Lucinde (1799), a somewhat incoherent praise of romantic love and marriage as the encounter with the divine source of life. In contrast to the ''mere concubinage'' and ''slavery'' of bourgeois marriage, the Romantics stressed women's individuality and freedom. Schleiermacher's own relationships with women became ''a matter,'' in the words of Clements, ''which has by turns embarrassed and intrigued his biographers and commentators.'' His close friendship with Henrietta Herz was a source of Berlin gossip though they both maintained their mutual attraction was intellectual and spiritual. A more tumultuous relationship was with Eleonore Grunow, the unhappily married wife of a fellow Berlin pastor. Schleiermacher began courting her soon after they met in 1799. Clements states that their relationship was ''virtually a secret betrothal.'' Schleiermacher hoped his urging that she would divorce her...

Shame Honor and Slave Bodies

Bits of scattered evidence suggest that many slaves throughout antiquity did form family bonds, including marriages. Such marriages existed at the whim of the slaveholder and had no legal status but would still have been important to enslaved spouses. Our sources again limit our ability to comprehend whether married slaves understood their unions to be subject to the informal rules of honor and shame that governed the unions of freeborn men and women. Under the potestas, or power, of their owner(s), married slaves would have found it difficult to maintain the boundaries of privacy necessary for building or sustaining a sense of personal or family honor. A particularly lurid story that Apuleius recounts in The Golden Ass hinges on the ability of slaveholders to meddle in slave marriages. A slave entrusted by his master with the management of an estate is married to a fellow slave. The male slave-manager has an affair with a free woman, who does not live on the estate. When his wife...

There Shall Be No Porneia Among The Saints

First Corinthians 7 addressed sexual intercourse within marriage, widows, divorce, marriage to unbelievers, virgins, the unmarried, and the importance of remaining in the state in which one was called (slave free male female married unmarried).130 An overarching theme of this complicated passage is the problem of desire

Love and the Individual Abelard and Bernard

It would seem that with this tradition that reduced women to the roles of procreation and ''remedy'' within marriage for the ''flames of passion'' the human face of love would be permanently covered with the veil of shame. Nevertheless, sometime around the eleventh to twelfth centuries there is a rediscovery of the pluriformity of love - the love of Christ

Faith Formed by Love Scholasticism

The social implications of scholasticism's ordered love, from the lower to the higher, nature to supernature, creation to Creator, may be seen in the medieval church's broad sense of love to the neighbor manifest in its suspicion of sexuality, emphasis upon mandatory clerical celibacy, and relations to the poor. The conflicted and conflicting views of sexuality in Western culture - continuing into our own time - have multiple roots, some of which we have already suggested. The labeling of sexual relations not directly intended for procreation as mortal sin did not of course do a lot for the cultivation of passionate marriages. Ironically, the effort to privilege celibacy and to dampen the erotic within marriage created extra-marital outlets not only in courtly love and mysticism but also in publicly condoned prostitution. Theological reflections about marriage also continued basic Augustinian doctrine, albeit with some differences, positing that marriage, established in Paradise...

Biblical Basis Creation stories

Traditionalists may be unhappy with the personalist emphasis on relationships, and prefer to emphasize the command, 'Be fruitful and multiply' (Gen. 1 28). Some have seen sexual love as justified only by procreation. Up to a point, they can call biology to witness. The human pairbond has evolved for continuing our species, as the context in which children are most safely born and nurtured. Believers may affirm that the raising of children within marriage is in accord with 'natural law', and that for people to marry and have children is in a clear sense a 'norm' provided that these concepts are used in gratitude not in exclusiveness, and that questions are not prejudged about the legitimacy and indeed the value of other ways of life (Oppenheimer 1990 13-14, 48).

There Will Be Some Who Will Blame The Good Lord For The Suffering That Is To Come

The tactics and strategy for Satan's big world power play are spelled out in numerous books and papers. As the Adversary's plans call for numerous organizations coordinating their efforts in what is called a SPIN (segmented polycentric integrated network) of SPINs, the exact details of who will do what, and the deceptive and power tactics that will be used are too numerous to provide in this paper. For instance, how many groups have participated in the destruction of traditional family life and marriage Divorce has been promoted. Serial monogramy, adultery, and polygamy have been promoted. Women's liberation (actually their enslavement) has been promoted. Pornography has injured the moral fiber of the traditional marriage, and is now everywhere. The destruction of the family -a specific goal of the Satanists, has been promoted by so many organizations and people through a variety of means.

The Conjugal Catacomb

It is this questioning of the status quo - whether of the law or of the conventions of the Greco-Roman household - that is forsaken in the modern incarceration of erotic practices. Paul does not compartmentalize eroticism but establishes it within a wider economy of desire, whether for power, status or mammon. Consequently, later on in the same chapter of his epistle, he suggests that the married man is anxious about worldly affairs, how to please his wife, and he is divided (1 Corinthians 7.33-4). This bold assertion leads Kurt Niederwimmer to propose that the Pauline uneasiness with conjugal relations, based on a disavowal of their immanent ends, results in an identification of the married person as halfChristian (Niederwimmer 1975 114 cited in Brown 1988 56). This is not an ethos that the moralistic Christian churches of late modernity would want to embrace. Yet the central thematic that is interrogated in Paul's discussion of the problematic status of marriage is that of the end...

Interesting Items Gathered From Various Sources

You suggest facilitating contacts among mate-seeking young business folk. Do you know that the most successful San Francisco institution of this land is managed by a Protestant Christian Church, that, as a product of its beau parlors, as its girls call them, have come scores of happy marriages that this institution, costing about a quarter of a million, was given to San Francisco business women devoutly by its donor, in the name of The Christ, to be administered by His Church

Gay Marriage

Imagining Jesus married to John poses a conundrum for Christian theology. For even if we take their marriage as a metaphor for the spiritual relationship between the soul and Christ, the metaphor is still a sexual one, since it has long been held that there is no marriage where there is no sexual consummation (fulfillment).9 Thus the marital relationship is no less sexual for being spiritualized. Moreover it makes union rather than procreation the point of matrimony - neither Jesus nor Paul offer offspring as a reason for marriage. It is the meeting of human and divine that is given in the joining of bodies. Furthermore, it is today less easy - less comfortable - to set the spiritual over against the carnal, since the latter has been taken up into the former we discover the spirit in the flesh. And is it so obvious that Jesus wedded to John - the church to Christ - is merely metaphorical, for if nothing else, this metaphor has to do with bodies and their sacramental relationships, and...

Your Mother

The Covenant is the 10 Commandments, Dt. 4 13. If you read Galatians chaps. 4 & 5, you will see that Sinai represents the slave woman. The slave woman is fleshly, carnal, and non-spiritual. But the free (spiritual) woman represents those born of the Spirit, having the Covenant written on their hearts, not stone. The law that could not justify us was the ceremonial law of animal sacrifices (Heb. 10 1-4), but the New Covenant is able to justify us, being in the Blood of the Lamb of hYhy (one sacrifice for sins, Heb. 10 12). The 10 Commandments are called the Covenant of Love (1Kings 8 23, 2Chr. 6 14, Ne. 1 5). Look over the list of them at the left is there ONE that is not good If your inner being AGREES with them, then you are being called When you can say I LOVE these teachings you have crossed-over into a Spirit-led realm, controlled by the Spirit of OW Yhy and you will not sin against them, because they are now your personality, as they are His. If we deliberately keep on sinning...


Some form of marriage ceremony, however simple. The record of Boaz marrying Ruth in Ruth 3 9-4 13 shows that marriage is not a relationship which is just drifted into there must be a specific moment when one becomes fully married. Christ is likened to the bridegroom and the believers to the bride, whom he will 'marry' at his second coming. There will be the marriage supper of the Lamb to celebrate this (Rev. 19 7-9). The relationship between husband and wife typifies that between Christ and the believers (Eph. 5 25-30) as there will be a definite point of marriage between us, so there should be a wedding between believers which begins their marriage, typifying the union of Christ and ourselves at the judgment seat.

Jane Shaw

In 1393, Margery, the daughter of the mayor of Bishop's Lynn (later King's Lynn), married a Lynn burgess named John Kempe. After she had given birth to their first child, she became ill and suffered a great spiritual crisis. The resolution of that crisis occurred when she had a vision of the bliss of heaven, after which she pleaded with her husband that they might lead continent lives, for she wished to be a dedicated holy virgin within their marriage. In proposing to lead such a holy life within marriage, she was perhaps unusual, but in wishing to follow the path of celibacy, as the higher good, she was simply following the teaching of the church for the preceding thousand years. In wishing to be a holy virgin - though not necessarily a nun - she was following the great examples of the patristic era, woman such as Macrina, sister of Gregory of Nyssa, and the holy virgins who surrounded male theologians such as Augustine. Her husband did not yet relent he would have his way with her,...

Paul Fletcher

Sin is disseminated from the loins of Adam and it is only through the refusal of the promptings of the loins that Origen believes the soul can advance to spiritual purity. Sex in Origen's view distributes sin and so it was crucial that the second Adam was conceived without the medium of human seed. There is no hesitation in Origen's portrayal of Adam's bequest to link sex with heredity and reproduction, a fact confirmed by his assertion that sexual relations within marriage are for procreation rather than pleasure. Sex, in this account, has a natural role that is to be radically distinguished from its erotic lure.


Individuals yet also become one in body, mind, and spirit (cf. 1 Cor. 6 16-20 Eph. 5 31). In fact, in the relationship between man and woman in marriage we see also a picture of the relationship between the Father and Son in the Trinity. Paul says, But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, the head of a woman is her husband, and the head of Christ is God (1 Cor. 11 3). Here, just as the Father has authority over the Son in the Trinity, so the husband has authority over the wife in marriage. The husband's role is parallel to that of God the Father and the wife's role is parallel to that of God the Son. Moreover, just as Father and Son are equal in deity and importance and personhood, so the husband and wife are equal in humanity and importance and personhood. And, although it is not explicitly mentioned in Scripture, the gift of children within marriage, coming from both the father and the mother, and subject to the authority of both father and mother, is...


Are you sure that you know Christ There comes a moment in which the Spirit of God convicts you, calls you, speaks to you about opening your heart and making certain of your relationship to God. And hundreds of you here tonight are not sure. You'd like to be sure. You'd like to leave here tonight knowing that if you died on the way home, you would be ready to meet God.

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