The Prophets Speak with Boldness and Not with Enticing Words of Wisdom but with Words that Trouble Their City

It is obvious that the whole world loves this big lie - "God Loves Everyone" - because the whole world lieth in wickedness (1 John 5:19). It is equally clear from all the passages set out in this writing that the scriptures do not support - and indeed they expressly refute - this claim. The prophets of God speak the truth from the Bible, and are the mouth pieces of God on this earth, because they separate the precious from the vile (Jeremiah 15:19). As these two dozen passages show, they boldly speak words from the scriptures, and do not give the smooth lies into the ears of the people that they desperately want to hear (e.g., 2 Timothy 4:3). This writing provides the details that support the sayings of the prophets of Westboro Baptist Church, in the Last of the Last Days, to wit, God Hates Fags and God Hates America.

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