Passages Proving God s Hate Wra th for Most of Mankind

Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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I. Introduction

II. The Mantra of "God Loves Everyone"

III. Where is "God Loves Everyone" Found In the Bible? - Nowhere!

IV. The "God Loves Everyone" John 3:16 Fraud

V. "God Loves Everyone" - A New Doctrine Not Believed by the God-Fearing Puritans of America

VI. In Addition to "God Loves Everyone" Not Being In The Bible, The Bible Speaks Of Billions That Were Killed by the Hand of God and Condemned To Hell

VII. "God Loves Everyone" is Straight from Satan and the Most Damning Concept Known to Man

VIII. The Experience of Life Teaches That God Does Not Love Everyone - The Plagues of God

IX. "God Loves Everyone" Is Irrefutably Denied In the Bible by 701 Passages

X. Conclusion

I. Introduction

"God loves everyone" is the theology that is touted by every major so-called "Christian" religion in the United States (U.S). Of the more than 600,000 churches and synagogues in the U.S. most, if not all, prescribe to this view of God. It is the hue and cry of this sinful and corrupt generation and the single idea and value that binds the religious community of the U.S. together. Even people who do not attend church and who are not religious agree on this point, so that it unites "believers" and "unbelievers." Without a doubt "God loves everyone" is universally believed in the Christian world, to the exclusion of all other ideas.

II. The Mantra of "God Loves Everyone"

"God loves everyone" is used in a never-ending variety of ways as the mantra for this generation. It is used to convey broad ideas of society and religion including:

God loves all people God does not make junk

God made man to be basically good God is happy and merciful at all times

God stands for peace on earth

God wants all people to be good

God is not judgmental

God is accepting of all of his creations

God loves all animals and other things

God is not responsible for bad things

God loves the world and every single living thing that He made

God generally allows all people to go to heaven because he loves them

God takes no displeasure in the sins of men

God is a god of diversity and loving kindness

God does not get angry

Man cannot do any sin that God will not forgive

God freely gives repentance to all

God does not hate in any way, he loves

God loves the sinner but hates the sin

God's love is unconditional and absolute

III. Where is "God Loves Everyone" Found in the Bible? - Nowhere!

Have you ever wondered how many times "God loves everyone" is found in the Bible - 20, 50, 100, 200? Have you ever wondered if it appears in the New Testament or Old Testament or both? Have you ever wondered who said these words or who they are attributable to? Have you ever wondered how many times Jesus said "God loves everyone?"

As a matter of uncontroverted fact the phrase "God loves everyone" never appears in the Bible. You can search from Genesis to Revelation, including looking in all 66 books, 1,189 chapters, 31,173 verses and 774,746 words and you will never find this phrase. Period. In other words, the most famous Christian notion of God that is repeated

As a matter of uncontroverted fact, the phrase "God loves everyone," or any version of that phrase, is not in the Bible.

without measure or limit in this evil and adulterous generation is never found in the Bible.

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