(estimated) Killed; "They smote it with the edge of the sword, and all the souls therein."

God delivered them into the hands of the Israelites. God hates these people because they were filthy and abominable.

Joshua 10:33-43 and Joshua 11

Hundreds of Thousands (estimated) Killed; They left no souls alive.

Slavs Eglon, Debir, Maden,

Israel Gezer, Hebron, Hazor, Shimron, Achsha Hittites, Perizzites, Jebusites, - 31 Nations in all

Slavs Eglon, Debir, Maden,

God delivered them into their Judges 1:4 hand.

10,000 Dead

Israel Slays the Canaanites in Hebron, and the inhabitants of Debir,

Kiriathsepher, Zephath, Gaza, Askelon and Ekron.

God delivered them into their Judges1:8 hand.

God delivered them into their Judges 1 hand.

Thousands (estimated) Killed Tens of Thousands (estimated) Killed.

Rebelled The anger of the LORD was hot Judges 2:11-22;

ed Other against Israel and he sold them Judges 3;

id were into the hand of the King of Judges 3:8

ito the Mesopotamia for 8 years.

Thousands (estimated) Killed in servitude

Israel did evil again in the sight Judges 3:12-14

of the LORD and the LORD

strengthened Eglon the king of

Moab and Eglon smote Israel and Israel served Eglon 18


God delivered them into their Judges 3:29 hand.

HThe king of Canaan oppressed Judges 4:1-3 Israel for 20 years.

Thousands (estimated) Killed in Servitude

10,000 Killed

Thousands (estimated) Killed in Servitude.

God Delivers the Army of Sisera into the Hand of

God delivered Sisera into Judges 4:15-16 Thousands Barak's hand. "And the LORD (estimated) Killed.

routed Sisera, and all his

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