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Editing this volume for the third time has been immeasurably more enjoyable and less work because the labor has been shared with a fellow editor, Rachel Muers. My gratitude to her is immense, not only for the many hours she has put in, but also for her tracking of the various aspects of a considerably larger edition, and above all for her wise advice and judgment. She has accompanied this edition from its inception, and it has been a continual stimulation to look at The Modern Theologians through her eyes, and to discuss each contribution, her own not least.

The other people who have helped with this edition are numerous. First, there is each contributor. It seems amazing to us that all 42 chapters were actually produced, and I know that for many it was a considerable extra demand in already busy lives. I am most grateful for the quality of what has been written and for the patience shown to the editors when they demanded sometimes extensive changes. Then there is Ben Fulford, who has done such a thorough job on revising and updating the glossary. A special word of thanks is due to those who collaborated with contributors to previous editions who could not revise their contributions themselves: Ethna Regan, A. M. Allchin, and Peter C. Bouteneff. Rebecca Harkin, Laura Barry, Sophie Gibson, and others at Blackwell have been continually helpful and responded promptly to inquiries. There have been valuable conversations with a large number of colleagues in this fascinating field. Doreen Kunze has been a source of unfailing and encouragingly cheerful assistance in the office of the Faculty of Divinity in Cambridge. And the debts of gratitude to my family and friends continue to mount: to my wife Deborah, my mother Phyllis Ford, Dan and Perrin Hardy, my brother Alan Ford, Ben Quash, and Micheal O'Siadhail.

The first edition was dedicated to the memory of Hans W. Frei, teacher and friend to me and many others. The second edition was dedicated to my friend, co-author, and colleague for many years, Frances Young, Edward Cadbury Professor of Theology at the University of Birmingham. During the course of preparing this edition, Colin Gunton, who had agreed to contribute the chapter on T. F. Torrance, died suddenly. It is hard to do justice to what Colin meant to generations of theologians in Britain (and increasingly from abroad, too). John Webster was, at the time of Colin's death, already writing chapter 15 of this edition, in which his work is discussed and his considerable achievement acknowledged. The chapter on Torrance was taken over by Dan Hardy, my friend, father-in-law, and collaborator in much writing and other activity. Dan was a friend of Colin over several decades, and has contributed pervasively to all three editions of The Modern Theologians - the first edition was inspired largely by the course on modern theological thought that Dan devised and later co-taught with me at the University of Birmingham. So it seems deeply appropriate to dedicate this edition jointly to both Colin Gunton and Dan Hardy.

David F. Ford

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