t At his death in December 1994 Peter Hebblethwaite was a third of the way through this article. With the help of Margaret Hebblethwaite I have been able to incorporate material that he might have used, All but the final section were written by Peter, What appears here is, inevitably, only a shadow of what Peter would have finally offered on the subject, but it is included in this collection because it reflects the wisdom of one of the foremost Catholic commentators of our day on a matter on which he was uniquely equipped to comment.

1 For the final documents see Medellin Conclusions (New York, US Catholic Conference, 1973), also in A, T. Hennelly (ed.), Liberation Theology: A Documentary History {1990)- The basic texts relevant for understanding evangelisation are to be found in the collection Proclaiming Justice and Peace, eds. M, Walsh and B. Davies (London, CIIR/CAFOD, 1984); particularly relevant is the encyclical Evangelii Nuntiandi.

3 A survey of important source material may be found in Hennelly (cd,), Liberation Theology, c,g, p, 64,

4 P. Hebblethwaite, Paul VI; the first modern Pope (London, Harper Collins,

5 John XXIII's treatment of 'signs of the times' was first seen in Humanae Salutis, the solemn apostolic constitution which convoked Vatican II. On the social teaching of Vatican II see Walsh and Davies (eds,), Proclaiming Justice and Peace.

6 Puebla Conclusions^ (London, CIIR, 1973).

7 Cf, Hugo Assmann quoting a 'committed Christian5: The Bible? It doesn't exist. The only bible is the sociological bible of what I see happening here and now': A Practical Theology of Liberation (London, Search Press, 1975), p. 61.

8 Cf. G. Gutierrez: it is a class option, deceitfully camouflaged by a purported equality before the law5; A Theology of Liberation, rev. edn (London, SCM, 1988), p. 275.

9 H. Coxt The Silencing of Leonardo Boff (London, Collins, 1989) and on Tissa Balasuriya see p. 196,

10 Reprinted in Hennelly, Liberation Theology, pp. 393ff.

ir See the discussion in C. Boff, Theology and Praxis (Maryknoll, NY, Orbis,

12 Reprinted in Hennelly, Liberation Theology, pp. 461 ff.

13 Santo Domingo Conclusions, tr. P. Berry man (London, CIIR, 1993 ).

.4 Ibid.. p. 13- There is a reference to an address to the Roman curia of December 1984,

15 The issues are summarised in The Tablet, 11 January 1997, pp. 50L itf J. Sobrino, Companions of Jesus, The Murder and Martyrdom of the Salvadorean Jesuits (London, CIIR, 1990), p. 51,

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