i I highlighted this distinction in a course in Lima, a little later, on "Church and Poverty'. The course was also given at the University of Montreal University on the date mentioned, z CL the document Pobreza de la Iglesia^ in the conclusions of Medellin. 3 CL the document Option Preferential par los Pohres, This option was endorsed at the Bishops1 conference at Santo Domingo (1992).

4 G. Gutiérrez, 'La teología: una función cc!csial\ in Paginas (Lima, 1994)1 pp. 10-17 n. 130.

5 A meeting in Melgar (April 1968), which drew attention to the values of tlicse peoples, provided one of the most vivid memories in the preparations for Mcdcllin. This was also an clement in a similar meeting in lquitos, Peru (1971).

ó John Paul II, Letter to the bishops of Brazil (April 1986). 7 One of the first was Henrique Antonio Percira Neto, a black priest from Recife (Brazil), cruelly murdered in May 1969, My first book Teología de la Liberación was dedicated to him and to the Peruvian writer on indigenous culture, José María Arguedas.

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