At the time of writing, four main concepts of God are strongly supported by different schools of philosophers and theologians. Thomism, especially in its more apophatic interpretations, has experienced a strong revival. Process theology and personalism are the subjects of vigorous debate. Varieties of non-realism or of what is sometimes called 'post-metaphysical thought' are current among more radical theologians. A fifth concept, Hegelian Idealism, is suffering something of an eclipse, though it has greatly influenced most European theologians. The influence of some currents of thought in the sciences and growing interest in Indian and Asian religious thought may yet give it a new lease of life.

It is difficult to see any possibility of gaining agreement among proponents of such diverse strands of thoughts. Since concepts of God inevitably affect all other theological ideas, it seems that theology will remain an internally pluralistic discipline for the foreseeable future. The basic biblical sources for a doctrine of God allow, with degrees of plausibility which are variously assessed, all these interpretations. In such a situation, one important task for the theologian is to be aware of the range of possible interpretations and their history, and to be aware of the fundamental decisions which are implied in advocating a particular concept of God. Such knowledge inevitably brings a sense of the severe limitations of human thought on these matters, and the absurdity of easy or definitive solutions. It may thus also lead to a sense of the importance of human encounter with the ultimate mystery of being, towards which concepts of God inadequately point.

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