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A wonder! By chance the corpse of that accursed one, 1 crossing over toward the rampart met me near the city! And the Magus took and fastened on a tower the standard sent from the east, so that this standard-bearer would declare to the onlookers that the city was slave to the lords of that standard.

Refrain: Glory to the One Who wrapped the corpse in shame!

I wondered, "Who indeed set a time for meeting 2

when corpse and standard-bearer both at one moment were present?" I knew it was a prearrangement, a miracle ofjustice that when the corpse of the fallen one crossed over, the fearful standard went up and was put in place to proclaim that the evil of his conjurers had surrendered that city. For thirty years Persia had made battle in every way 3 but was unable to cross over the boundary of that city; even when it had been broken and collapsed, the cross came down and saved it. There I saw a disgraceful sight: the standard of the captor set up on the tower, the corpse of the persecutor laid in a coffin. Believe in "yes" and "no," the word of a trustworthy 4

man (cf. Matt 5:37), that I went right up, my brothers, to the coffin of the filthy one, and I stood over him and derided his paganism and said, "Is this indeed he who exalted himself against the Living Name and forgot that he is dust?" [God] turned him back into his dust to let him know he was of dust.

5 I stood and wondered at him whose downfall I had so fully seen. "This is his majesty and this is his pomp! This is his kingship and this is his chariot! This is a clump of earth that has disintegrated!" I argued with myself, "Why in [the time of] his power did I not foresee this would be his end?"

6 I wondered about the many who, in seeking to please the diadem of mortality, denied the universal Life-


I looked above and below and was amazed, my brothers, that our Lord [is] His height, the Glorious One, and the accursed one in [his] downfall, and I said,

"Who will fear this corpse and deny the True One?" He prevented the cross that came down from gaining victory, not because the victorious [cross] was unable to gain victory, but so that a pit might be dug for the evildoer who came down with his conjurers to the east. But since he came down and was struck, the discerning saw that the battle in which he would be put to shame had been lying in wait for him.

8 Know that because of this the time was long and delayed so that the pure one might complete the years of his kingship and the accursed one might also complete the measure of his paganism. But when he had completed his story, he came to ruin. So both sides rejoiced, and so there was peace through the believing king, companion of the glorious [kings].

9 The Just One by all [manner] of deaths was capable of destroying him, but he kept [for him] a downfall fearful and bitter, so that on the day of his death all things should be drawn up before his eyes: Where is that oracle that reassured him? and the goddess of weapons that she did not come to his aid?

and the companies of his gods that they did not come to save him?

The cross of the All-knowing marched before the 10


It endured being mocked: "It cannot save them!" It kept the king in safety; it gave the army to destruction, for it knew that paganism [was] among them. Let the cross of Him Who searches all, therefore, be praised—

[the cross] that fools without discernment reviled at that time.

For they did not persevere with the standard of the 11

Savior of all. Indeed that paganism that they showed in the end was manifest to our Lord from the beginning. Yet although He knew well that they were pagans, His cross saved them, but when they apostatized from Him, they ate corpses there; they became a parable there. When the People was defeated at Ai of the weak, 12

Joshua tore his garments before the Ark [of the covenant]

and spoke fearful [words] before the Most High. A curse [was] among the People, without his knowing. Just so paganism was hidden in the army, but instead of the Ark they were carrying the cross. But Justice summoned him with wisdom, 13

for not by force did she govern his freedom. By an enticement he marched out to the lance that struck:

he saw that he subdued citadels, and he became proud. For adversity did not cry out to him to turn back until he marched out and fell into the midst of the vortex.

The lance of Justice passed through the belly of him 14 who despised Him Who made the lance of paradise pass away.

The divination of the conjurers tore open a pregnant [animal].

[Julian] groaned at length to recall what he had written and published that he would do to the churches. The finger of Justice blotted out his memory. The king saw that Easterners came and deceived him. 15 Simple men [deceived] the wise man; common men

[deceived] the diviner. Those whom he, wrapped up in his vestment, summoned, confined his wisdom by ignorant men, and he gave orders to set fire to his victorious ships, and his idols and diviners were entangled in a trap. But when he saw that his gods were confuted and exposed and that he could neither gain victory nor flee, [that] between fear and disgrace he was prostrate and beaten, he chose death to escape into Sheol. Cunningly he stripped off his armor in order to be wounded, in order to die so that the Galileans would not see his shame.

For he had mockingly named the brothers Galileans.

Behold in the air the wheels of the Galilean king!

He thunders in His Chariot; the Cherubim bear Him.

The Galilean revealed [the chariot] and handed over the flock of the soothsayer to the wolves in the wilderness, but the Galilean herd increased and filled the whole earth.

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