Primary Sources

Ambrose. Concerning virgins (PL 16); trans. NPNF 2, x

On virginity (PL 16); trans. Daniel Callam (Toronto, 1980) Augustine. Confessions, trans. H. Chadwick (Oxford, 1991)

Praeceptum. Sr Agatha Mary et al., trans., Saint Augustine: The monastic rules (Hyde Park, NY, 2004)

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Benedict. Rule (SC 181-6). Ed. Timothy Fry, RB 1980: The rule of St. Benedict in Latin and

English with notes (Collegeville, MN, 1981) Caesarius of Arles. Rule for virgins (in SC 345). Trans. Maria C. McCarthy, The rule for nuns of Saint Caesarius of Arles: A translation with a critical introduction (Washington, DC, 1960) Cassiodorus. Institutes. Trans. James L. Halporn, Institutions of divine and secular learning and on the soul (Liverpool, 2004) Columbanus. Works. Ed. G. S. M. Walker, Sancti Columbani opera, Scriptores Latini Hiberniae II (Dublin, 1957)

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