war and suffering. It is composed of five Light Elements: Air, Wind, Light, Water and Fire; and it also consists of five dwellings: Intelligence, Knowledge, Reason, Thought and Deliberation. The latter is the dominion of the Prince of Darkness, who is depicted as a multiform monster and whose infernal kingdom is characterised by concupiscence and strife. As the Kingdom of Light is not equipped for war, not even for its own self-defence, its ruler has to evoke other deities to fulfil this unaccustomed role. He calls forth from within himself the Mother of Life (also called the Great Spirit) and she in turn calls forth the Primal Man whom she arms with the five Light Elements. In the initial encounter, the Primal Man is overwhelmed by the powers of Darkness and is lulled into a death-like sleep and his armour of Light Elements is partly devoured by the Archons of Darkness. The Father then evokes a new series of divinities for the rescue of the Primal Man. Of these the Living Spirit with his five Sons who were his evocations -the Custodian of Splendour, the Great King of Honour, Adamas of Light, the King of Glory and Atlas - come down and call out to him in a piercing voice, whereupon the Primal Man responds and is awakened. This leads to a reunion of the Primal Man with the Father and heralds a complex process for the redemption of the Light Elements held captive as Light-Particles in the bodies of the Archons of Darkness. Ten heavens and eight earths are created and in their lower sections are imprisoned the Archons of Darkness. A new evocation, the hermaphroditic (Third) Envoy, then seduces the male and female Archons with his/her good looks and induces them to ejaculate or abort the Light-Particles held captive in them. These fall on the earth and bring forth plant and animal life. A complex system involving a set of Three Wheels of wind, of water and of fire is constructed and empowered by them; the main planetary and stellar bodies are then set in motion to return the Light-Particles to their original abode. The redeemed Light-Particles are transported via the Column of Glory whose visible appearance is the Milky Way. The Light-Particles are drawn up, refined and sublimated and at the same time conveyed along the Milky Way from the moon to the sun. The two stellar bodies are both receiving stations for the Light-Particles as well as vessels for their conveyance. The periodic waxing and waning of the moon is therefore caused by the migration of these Light-Particles. From the sun the Light-Particles eventually go to a New Earth, which is created by the Great Builder. This New Earth or Paradise ruled by the Primal Man is not the same as the Kingdom of Light but is made of the same substance. Its main function is to be a home for the deities that have been evoked and the Light that they have redeemed so that the Kingdom of Light may remain aloof from the turmoil.

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