Beneath this level are found the hypercosmic and encosmic levels of gods, levels into which Zeus extends, and which also includes Poseidon, Pluto, Artemis, Persephone, Athena, Apollo, the Corybantes, Hephaistos, Demeter, Hera, Hermes, Aphrodite, Hestia and Ares. These gods are grouped functionally and hierarchically into demiurgic gods (who fashion the cosmos), vivificatory gods (who infuse it with life), elevating gods (who help the produced being to revert to its principles), and achrantoi gods (who ensure a proper degree of ontological separation between the demiurgic gods and what they fashion).

Underneath these gods in the ontological hierarchy are found the daemonic levels of beings (angels, daemons, heroes), which function as intermediaries between the gods and humans and natural reality.89 Each daemon mediates some specific aspect of the divine activities of the hypercosmic and encosmic levels of divinity. Daemons thus function as the lowest rung of an ontological and theological hierarchy so bloated as to eliminate any notion of Plotinian-Porphyrian attainment of the One through noetic introversion.

What distinguished gods from daemons primarily was the level of subsistence of each. Gods subsisted at the henadic level - that is to say, each god was a henad (a participable unity whose monad was the imparticipable One), in which various lower levels of being participated and had their subsistence.90 Daemons, however, subsisted at the intellectual level - their henad was an irradiation of unity, not a self-complete unity.91

c. Human fulfilment as theurgical attainment of the gods The fulfilment of all beings is the One. For the fulfilment of a being is the fulfilment of the triad which constitutes it (moné-proodos-epistrophé). And that which it reverts to are the monads of the series which constitute it. Since beings of the lower ontological levels belong to many series, they have many revertive fulfilments. But since the monads of all series other than the series whose monad is the One themselves belong to this series, this series is the ultimate series, so that the ultimate fulfilment of each being lies in its reversion to the head of this series, namely the One.92 As such the attainment of the primal unity that is the One is the ultimate fulfilment of each being - hence the One is the Good itself.93 But since the gods are self-complete henads they subsist precisely in this unity of the One which is the fulfilment of all beings. As such they have unity with each other in their unity with the One. Consequently, the fulfilment

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91 Iamblichus, Myst. 1.15.45.

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