Gregory the Wonderworker (c. 210-60), a former student of Origen in Cae-sarea, had worked in Cappadocia. He probably baptised Macrina the Elder, the grandmother of Basil the Great (d. 379), his brother Gregory of Nyssa (331/40-95) and their sister Macrina the Younger (c. 327-79/80). Eustathius of Sebaste (c. 300-c. 380) seems to have begun the first monastic communities in Asia Minor. He was also responsible for the first hospice and for a time had an influence on at least Basil.28 The brothers Basil and Gregory and their friend Gregory Nazianzen 'the Theologian' (d. 390) became theologians of international consequence. They began their Christian education and care in solid families and the lively congregations to which they belonged.29

Gregory the Theologian's mother, Nonna, eventually converted his father, Gregory the Elder. The elder Gregory came from a wealthy family that belonged to the Hypsistarii, whose religion seems to have been formed from

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