Anthologies Of Primary Textual Sources

Festugiere, Andre-Jean, trans. Sainte Thecle, Saints Come et Damien, Saints Cyr etJean (extraits), et Saint Georges (Paris, 1971) Itineraria et alia geographica. CCSL 175; translated selections in John Wilkinson, Jerusalem pilgrims before the crusades (Warminster, 20022) Leemans, Johan et al., trans. 'Let us die that we may live': Greek homilies on Christian martyrs from Asia Minor, Palestine and Syria (c. ad 35 o-ad 450) (London, 2003) Mango, Cyril. The art of the Byzantine empire 312-1453 (Toronto, 1986) Talbot, Alice-Mary, ed. Holy women ofByzantium (Washington, DC, 1996)

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