Qaryaten And the men of Gad dwelt in the land of Atarot from of old and Israels king built

11) Atarot for them; but I fought against that city and I slew all the people of

12) the city as revenge for Chemosh and Moab. And I brought the altar-hearth of his beloved, and I carted

13) it before Chemosh in Kerioth. And I established the men of Sharon and the men of Maharith in it.

14) And Chemosh said to me: "Go! Bring Nebo against Israel."

15) So I went by night and fought from sunrise until noon.

16) taking it and slaying all 7,000 men, boys, women, girls,

17) and maidservants, because I dedicated them to Ashtar-Chemosh. And I took from there the altar-

18) hearths of YHWH, dragging them before Chemosh. And Israel's king built

19) Jahaz, and settled there while he did battle with me; but Chemosh drove him out before my eyes.

20) I took with me two hundred men from Moab, all chief warriors, and sent them to Jahaz; and I

21) added it to Dibon. I constructed Qarhoh with the wall of the forest and the wall

22) of the acropolis; along with its gates and towers.

23) I built the house of the king; and its water reservoirs for inside

24) the city; for there was no water inside the town of Qarhoh, so I said to the residents: "Make for yourself

25) a cistern in every house"; I cut trees for use in Qarhoh with the prisoners

26) of Israel. I built Aroer and a roadway through the Arnon.

27) I built Beth-bamoth, for it was in ruins; and I built Bezer, for it was desolate.

28) And the men of Dibon were loyal to my rule. And I reigned

29) over hundreds of villages which I added to my country. I built

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