Trajans reply to Pliny

"My dear Pliny, You have followed the proper guidelines in examining the cases of those who had been accused to you as Christians. For it is not possible to lay down any general rules to serve as a kind of fixed standard on this issue. They are not to be sought out; but if they are found out and proven guilty, they are to be condemned, with the following exception, that whoever denies that he is a Christian and really proves it, by worshiping our gods, no matter what his past involvement, he should be granted a pardon. And accusations that have been posted by anonymous sources should not be used as evidence in any proceedings against them. For this would not be in keeping with the spirit of our age and would set a very dangerous example for others to follow."

Another account of Christian persecution of the early church comes from Suetonius. He was a early historian who served as a court official under the Roman Emperor Hadrian. In his work entitled the lives of the Caesars he wrote the following: "Nero inflicted persecution on the Christians"

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