On Jewish Genius

One of the outstanding fortes of the Jews is the skillful manipulation of propaganda. However, the record of the Hebrews and their history shows that all the Jewish claims of culture are entirely without foundation. The Horizon Book of Christianity, a standard reference work, says "The Jews began as an agglomeration of small tribes who later attained independence only in the interlude between the rise and fall of great empires. They have bequeathed no monuments testifying to magnificence. There are no tombs of Hebrew kings with chaplets of gold and chariots studded with jewels. Palestine archeology has unearthed no statues of David or Solomon, but only water pots like the one from which Rebecca watered the camels of Abraham's servants."

The Oriental Institute of Chicago contains one of the world's most outstanding collections of the fine arts, specializing in Egyptian, Syrian and other cultures of the Near East, in the area which the Jews claim as that of their origin. One would expect to find the Jewish contribution to civilization well represented there. After walking through vast halls filled with great works of art, splendid statues, exquisite jewels, and other artifacts from the tombs of Egyptian and Assyrian conquerors, we come to the Jewish exhibit. Here we find a glass case filled with broken bits of clay pots,crude, undecorated, and unglazed utensils which might have come down to us from the Stone Age. This is the great Jewish "culture" about which the Jews brag so flagrantly and it is about all they have to offer.

The fact is that the Jews were known throughout ancient history only as destroyers. They produced no art, founded no dynasties, built no great cities, and, alone of all the ancient peoples, had no talent for the finer things of culture or civilized life. Yet today we will hear the Jews boast loud and long about how they are the sole torchbearers of civilization.

Ben Klassen

[Klassen is a "white supremacist," a purported survivor of the Jewish-led Bolshevik extermination of White Russians. However, his comments herein are archaeologically and historically accurate. Neverthless, while touting the "superiority" of the white race, Klassen, like others, makes statements such as, "The stupidity, the gullibility, and the cooperation of the Gentiles as a whole and the White Gentiles in particular in this respect has been, and is today, a key factor in the Jew's ability to divide, conquer and destroy vast numbers of their enemies far in excess of their own numbers." It is difficult to believe that a "superior" race could be so stupid.]

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