Commentary on Judaism

Note: These commentaries are harsh, but they are not the worst out there, and they are certainly no worse than the quotes from the Bible, Talmud and Zohar. If you follow the links below, you will find much more. In fact, "a virtual cacophony of voices" with a particular theme. Many of these voices belong to some of history's greatest thinkers, not just mindless bigots. Also, please be aware that we are discussing a mentality and not the individual. Much of this information has come through enlightened "Jews" (including some of our friends) who no longer consider themselves part of the Gentile-hating BORG. A number of these daring individuals are secular Israelis, who are often some of the coolest people around.

The following are quotes by the authors indicated, not the author of this site. This page is for informational purposes only, with the hope and knowledge that people can change, once they are alerted to the prejudice and injustice they are supporting by following a particular ideology.

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