"Elevation of tie Tsraple.as ¿escribed "by Josephus Antiq^ Vnr.IH.l_3: WarsV.V.IJt. omitting only the ¿¡Teat outer Court of the & entiles.

WH.McFarlane,lithc Edm?

The Court of the Priests and Court of Israel, omitting the Court of the -wornen and varying the turred form of the side Chambers "between the two East gates

The Temple in -the proportion of its other measurements to that of bo.

WPi l.FTatlaue Liui1 ¿an

£reat outer Court, topically measured "by Ezekiel as 500 ieeds square.

The Car of Juggernaut.

(Copied from t"he Saturday Magazine.)

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