1. A. "Then he fell upon his brother Benjamin's necks and wept, and Ben jamin wept upon his necks:"

B. [The Hebrew repeatedly uses the plural for the word "neck," so we ask:] how many necks did Benjamin have?

C. Said R. Eleazar, "He foresaw through the Holy Spirit that two sanctuaries were destined to be built in the share of Benjamin and were destined to be destroyed."

D. "... and Benjamin wept upon his necks:"

E. He foresaw that the tabernacle of Shilo was destined to be built in the share of Joseph and destined to be destroyed.

2. A. "And he wept out loud" (Gen. 45:2):

B. Just as Joseph conciliated his brothers only through weeping, so the Holy One, blessed be he, will redeem Israel only through weeping.

C. So it is said, "They shall come with weeping and with supplications will I lead them, I will cause them to walk by rivers of waters" (Jer. 31:9).

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