1. A. "And the child grew and was weaned, [and Abraham made a great feast on the day that Isaac was weaned]" (Gen. 21:8):

B. R. Hoshaia the Elder said, "He was weaned from the evil impulse."

B. Rabbis say, "He was weaned from relying upon milk."

2. A. "... and Abraham made a great feast on the day that Isaac was weaned" (Gen. 21:8):

B. R. Judah said, "The Great One of the ages was there."

C. R. Yudan in the name of R. Yose bar Haninah: " 'The king made a great feast' (Est. 2:18). The Great One of the ages was there. That is in line with this verse: 'For the Lord will again rejoice over you for good' (Deut. 30:9), in the days of Mordecai and Esther, 'As he rejoiced over your fathers' (Deut. 30:9), in the days of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob."

3. A. Said R. Judah, " 'A great feast' refers to a feast for the great ones of the age. Og and all the great ones were there. They said to Og, 'Did you not say that Abraham was a barren mule, who cannot product a child?'

B. "He said to them, 'Now what is this gift of his? Is he not puny? If I put my finger out on him, I can crush him.'

C. "Said to him the Holy One, blessed be he, 'Now are you treating my gift with contempt? By your life, you will see a thousand myriads of his children, and you will fall in the end to his children.'

D. "So it is said: 'And the Lord said to Moses, "Fear him not, for I have delivered him into your hand"' (Num. 21:34)."

E. [Freedman:] (R. Levi said, "The cradle was rocked for the first time in the house of our father Abraham.")

F. [Continuing A-D,] for R. Joshua bar Nehemiah said, "Those thirty-one kings whom Joshua killed were all present at the feast made by Abraham."

G. But there were not thirty-one. The matter accords with what R. Be-rekhiah and R. Helbo, R. Parnakh in the name of R. Yohanan [said], " 'The king of Jericho, one' (Joshua 12:9). Scripture states, 'One,' meaning, 'he and his regent.'"

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