In the Age of Constantine

History, Messiah, Israel, and fe Initial Confrontation

Jacob Neusner

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Judaism and Christianity in the age of Constantine.

(Chicago studies in the history of Judaism) Bibliography : p. Includes index.

1. Judaism—relations—Christianity. 2. Christianity and other religions—Judaism. 3. Judaism—History— Talmudic period, 10-425. 4. Christianity—Early church, ca. 30-600. 5. Midrash—History and criticism. I. Neusner, Jacob, 1932- . II. Series. BM535.J822 1987 292.3'872 87-5952 ISBN 0-226-57652-3

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For my nearest and dearest colleagues

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My teachers, my companions

Better the honor of enjoying the friendship of these aristocrats of intellect and of heart than any honors the world has in its power to confer.

I glory in these colleagues, I take pride that mine is the merit of sharing career, profession, life itself with such as these.

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