Since for this work I have had to read a great many books outside of my ordinary area of learning, I have relied more heavily than usual on the advice of colleagues. Here it is important to absolve them of responsibility for errors of misunderstanding or misjudgment that may have crept into my account. But I owe them much for sharing their learning and experienced judgment with me.

1 made heavier use of Brown University's Rockefeller Library than I have before, and once more came to appreciate the professionalism and the courtesy of its most gracious staff. It gave me special pleasure to make extensive use of the Ernest S. Frerichs Collection of Biblical and Judaic Studies at the Rockefeller Library. So my dear colleague and friend gains a measure of the enjoyment of the world to come while he is still here—to 120 years!—to enjoy it.

I also found much help in getting important books on patristics and church history at Phillips Memorial Library of Providence College. The staff gave assistance with the courtesy and goodwill I find typical of Rhode Islanders. My thanks to both libraries.

For professionalism expressed in unyielding commitment to free inquiry and the broad and free dissemination of the results, the staff of the University of Chicago Press, top to bottom, will be remembered long after all of us lie in the dirt. Each book of mine is a tribute to all of them. Let it be said that the academy in the West has never been better served by media of academic communication than is this generation by these remarkable people. The flame of free discourse yet glows, in our time, because of them.

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