Justification for genocide

The story of Jesus" murder is dramatic enough in itself. But attempts to fix the blame for His death have led to horrible acts of spiritual depravity. The Jewish people have usually bome the brunt of the blame. Their implication in the death of Christ has resulted in an unchristian persecution of the Jewish people down through the centuries. "Christ-killers!" was the epithet hurled at them, and the last words many a Jew heard just before his own brutal murder.

The Nazis cited this for the genocide of 6 million Jews just over half a century ago during World War II. With no real respect for the teachings of Christ, Hitler and his followers declared that the Jewish race was solely and collectively responsible for killing the Son of God. This poisonous doctrine brainwashed the fuhrcr's followers into believing the Jews themselves should be exterminated for murdering the Savior of mankind.

The idea of unique and total Jewish responsibility for Christ's death is not supported by the Bible. But, sadly, this concept did not originate with the Nazis. For almost 2,000 years mainstream Christianity, Catholic and Protestant, took this same position— often accompanied by lethal brutality.

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