Jesus felt human emotions

Jesus also experienced many of the same emotional and intellectual qualities we do. He thought, reasoned and felt the full range of human emotions. He had strong affection for people (John 11:5; 13:23; 19:26). He felt compassion and pity for those who were hungry or physically or spiritually afflicted (Matthew 9:36; 14:14; 15:32; 20:34).

He could be distressed and troubled, as was evident to His disciples when He anticipated His impending suffering and death (Luke 12:50; John 12:27). He was deeply troubled when considering that one of His disciple would betray Him (John 13:21). He grieved and wept over the mourning of Lazarus" family and friends when Lazarus died (John 11:33-35).

Jesus was "deeply distressed" and "exceedingly sorrowful" and didn't want to be left alone when He was struggling with His thoughts and feelings just before His arrest (Matthew 26:37-40). Obviously Jesus possessed the same human capacity to feel sorrow and anguish as deeply as we sometimes do.

He also experienced joy (John 15:11; 17:13). He could be angry and grieved with people's attitudes (Mark 3:5) and indignant toward His own disciples (Mark 10:14, NRSV).

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