Discovering the real Jesus

What is the real story? Can the true picture of Jesus emeige after 2,000 years of differing views? Who should we believe as we try to find it?

To know the real Jesus would include the fact that what He really taught, and what He really did, is essential for eternal life. Praying to His Father, Jesus said, "This is eternal life: to know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom von have sent" (John 17:3, Revised English Bible, emphasis added throughout).

Did Jesus do what the records show? Was He—is He—really who

He claimed to be? Can it be proved historically? Or are we left to simply accept it on blind faith?

And then perhaps the most important question: Does it really matter?

Let's put it this way: If the story of Jesus is a myth, if the reported events of His life along with His claims and teachings are the fabrication of a small group of conspirators, then it certainly doesn V matter. We are then left to devise the meaning of human life from our own imaginations.

But if Jesus Christ is who He says He was—the Son of God who came to earth to live as a human being, who died at the hands of fellow human beings and who was raised from the dead three days and three nights later—then that changes everything.

For this one single event—God living and dying as a man—then becomes the most amazing event in the entire history of humanity. It puts all of us in a situation that requires our full attention—because it leaves us ultimately accountable for how we choose to respond.

Can we know? This booklet seeks to address and answer the major questions that intelligent, reasoning people naturally ask in trying to understand Jesus Christ—the real siory

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