Christology, the Reformation influenced by Jews, 289 if. Chrysostom, John, on oath in Jewish manner, 140; sermons against the Jews, 129 Church, and debts owed to Jews, 249; a pre-Incarnation, paralleled in Judaism, 127*; vessels, Jewish dealings in, 216 Cicero {Acad. 1,26), 110 n.; casuistry in, 300

Circumcision, postponement of, 43*

Civilization, how to study, 54 f. Clearchus of Soli, on the Jews,

116, 143m Clement IV, 194 Clement VII, support of Jews, 263 Clement of Alexandria, 104

Codex Justinianus, 143 n. Codex Theodosianus, 143 m Cohen, A,, on Maimonides, 126*; 25m.

Cohen, Jacques, on the English

Bible, 202 Colossians, Jewish Gnosticism in

Paul's Epistle to the, 88 f. Combefis, 144m Commentaries, influence of Jewish, on Reformation, 279 Communion, idea of, in Stoicism and Philo, 82 Complutensian Polyglot, 278 "Conditions" at Creation, 20 Confession, its place in the development of casuistry, 3 i5fT. Conscience, in the fulfilment of commandments, 312* Constantine, legislation or conversion to Judaism, 117 Controversies between Jews and

Christians, influence of, 141 f. Conversion to Judaism in the ancient world, 117 Cook, S. A., cited, 1 ion. Corpus Hermeticum, traces of Jewish influence in, 103 Correctorium Parisiense, 192 Correctorium Vaticanum, 193; William of Mara author of, 198 Cossey, Henry, Expositio super

Psalmos, 198* Costessy, see Cossey "Council of the Four Lands", 218

Cowley, A, E., Aramaic Papyri,

Ahikar story in the, 245 * Credit, commercial, made possible by Prosbul, 52 Crevier, M., on the study of

Hebrew in Paris in 1430, 191 * Critical difficulties, recognized by Rabbis, 12* Criticism, biblical, ibn Ezra as pioneer of, 241; Servetus, a pioneer of, 290 ff.

Cromwell and Manasseh ben Israel, 282 ; and the Psalms, 287 Crusades, effects on Jews, 189*,

245; Jews after, 258 Cumont, lion. Cusari, see Kitab al-Khazari Custom, adaptation of law to, 208 ÎT.; relation of, to law, 211; and law, 309

Daiches, on Tyndale's knowledge of Hebrew, 220 addendum Dam="blood", in plural "blood-

guilt, fine", 17 Daniel, 30; Book of, its position compared with that of the Apocalypse, 31*; in Protestantism, 31 Dante, on the confessional, 315 David, in the Kur'an, 157; story of, in Islam, 159 Daye, version of the Psalms, 288*

"Days of the Messiah", 37* Decalogue, the, in the Dispersion, 85 ff.; excluded from synagogue services, 86 ff.; Muslims acquainted with, 154*; as a "mystery", 86; with the Shema\ 86, 87*; as the true Law, 86 ff. fcctyfia in Rabbinic theology, 75 f. Demetrius, 48 §

Demiurge, rejected by Pharisees, 33

Demons, personifications of disease, 32 f. "Deposit of Faith", 201

Derekh fuz-Hayyim, 87 * Desportes, Abbé, French translation of the Psalms, 287 Deuterosis, 119

Deuterotai, in Epiphanius, 120 Diaspora, purpose of, to gain proselytes, 42 "Dibeches", io7f Dictionnaire d'Archéologie Chrétienne,

Dictionaries, Hebrew, at the beginning of the Reformation, 278

Didascalia, the Golden Calf in,

126*; Law in, 86* Die Geburt des Kindes, 72 * Diels, Doxographi Graeci, 73 Dietary laws, in Islam, taken from Judaism, 178 Dina d'malkhutha dina, parallel in

Islam, 175^ Diocletian, concerning images, story of, 136 * Diodorus Siculus (1, 16), inn.;

on Judaism, 91 Diogenes the Cynic, 111 n. Diogenes Laertius (vi,63), 111 n.; I43n.

Diognetus, Epistle to, on the interpretation of the Law, 126 Dion Cassius (Hist, xxxvn, 17), 143 n.

Dionysius (Cod. Hier.)> on the salvation of the Gentiles, 230 Dionysius of Halicarnassus, speeches in, compared with Josephus, 94; on the state as a body, 82*; on the use of allegory, 71 * Divorce, enactments of Rabbinical synod on, 217; Henry VIII consults Jews on, 271; in Pharisaism, 50 Doctrine, Christian, influence on

Jewish-Christian relations, 123 Dodd, C. H., on the influence of

Judaism on the Hermetica, i03f Dogma, and visions in the Roman

Church, 20 f Dolet, Etienne, and the Psalms, 288*

Donatus of Istria, and the Jews, 132

Donin, Nicholas, charges against the Jews, 214 Doreshe HamurSth, 8, 11 Doreshe Reshumdth, 7, 11, 69 §

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