Division I


Birth and Parentage of Jesus

(1) b. Shabbath 104b. (The passage in [ ] occurs also b. Sanh. 67a.) " He who cuts upon his flesh." It is tradition that Rabbi Eliezer said to the Wise, ' Did not Ben Stada bring spells from Egypt in a cut which was upon his flesh?' They said to him, 'He was a fool, and they do not bring a proof from a fool.' [Ben Stada is Ben Pandira. Rab Hisda said, 'The husband was Stada, the paramour was Pandira.' The husband was Pappos ben Jehudah, the mother was Stada. The mother was Miriam the dresser of women's hair, as we say in Pumbeditha, ' Such a one has been false to her husband.'] Commentary}—The above passage occurs in a

1 I would here express generally my indebtedness to the work of Heinrich Laible, " Jesus Christus im Talmud," Berlin, 1891. In the section

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