Love as Motivation

Bound up with the emphases just documented is a particular feature whose importance deserves separate mention. It is the fact that Jesus was remembered as giving particular prominence to the Torah injunction to 'love your neighbour as yourself and as pressing home its full implications. The tradition at this point is clear.

178. Mark 3.35/Matt. 12.50; Mark 14.36 pars.; Matt. 6.10; 7.21; 21.31; Luke 12.47. See Schnackenburg, Sittliche Botschaft 77-79.

179. In Jesus 'Call to Discipleship I suggested a distinction between principles that are applied in the light of circumstances and rules that are to be obeyed whatever the circumstances (84). But the shift in kingdom perspective implied in Matt. 11.11-12/Luke 16.16 is not reducible to neat epigrams, even if the rhetorical character of the latter text also needs to be recalled (ยง12.5c[4]).

180. Merklein, e.g., summarizes Jesus' moral teaching as 'eschatologically qualified instruction (Weisung)' rather than as 'intensified' or 'radicalized' Torah teaching {Jesu Botschaft 101-102).

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