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University of La Verne

JACKET ART: Crucifixion by Mathias Gruenewald (16th c): Musee Unterlinden, Colmar, France;

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"For decades James Dunn has been a leader in serious and balanced study of both Christology and history-of-Jesus research. I have profited greatly from his many books and articles, and I am delighted to read this massive distillation of his many years of reflection and publication on the historical Jesus. I highly Jesus Remembered to all those interested in a thought ful and methodologically sophisticated approach to the major questions that plague and stimulate historical-Jesus research today." -JOHN P. MEIER

University of Notre Dame

"The first volume ofJames Dunn's study in the making,' Jesus Remembered is highly readable and reliably informative on the history and tendencies of critical research on Jesus. The Jesus Remembered is at the same time a program. The Synoptic Gospels have been studied for centuries largely through literary and source-critical approaches, but without any resulting clear picture of the Jesus tradition. Dunn now offers a 'new perspective' on that tradition. . .. He emphasizes that the Synoptic Evangelists do not falsify the memory of Jesus but, instead, preserve and present it so that it can lead to an encounter with Jesus even today. This view is truly worth mentioning, and for this reason Dunn's imposing work deserves attention beyond an academic readership."

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