Jesus Anointing at Jordan

This event is presumably to be regarded as the real beginning of Jesus' mission and therefore as deserving of particular attention. Would John's baptism and

159. So also C. H. Scobie, John the Baptist (London: SCM, 1964) 62-67; R. Leivestad, Jesus in His Own Perspective (Minneapolis: Augsburg, 1987) 36-37, 40. I have serious doubts as to whether a historical reminiscence of the Baptist's preaching can be detected behind the strongly theologized reworking of the Johannine tradition (with reference to John but see Brown, John 1.58-63.

160. Pss. Sol. 17.21-43; 18.5-7. The imagery of 'cleansing' (katharizein) is stronger (Pss. Sol 17.22, 30; 18.5). But R. Bauckham, 'The Messianic Interpretation oflsa, 10.34 in the Dead Sea Scrolls, 2 Baruch and the Preaching of John the Baptist', DSD 2 (1995) 202-16, sees evidence in 4Qplsaa [4Q16] 8-10.2-9 and 4Q285 5.1-6 that Isa. 10.34 had already been connected with and given a messianic interpretation.

162. Similarly Meier, Marginal Jew 2.35, 132.

preaching have been given such prominence otherwise? Possibly Yes, because John's preaching served at least as something of a foil for Jesus' preaching. And, as we have seen, the whole language and practice of 'baptism', which became so important in earliest Christianity, seems to have been derived from John. Even so, it is no doubt what happened to Jesus at or after his baptism by John which is the primary reason why John's baptism was regarded as the 'beginning' of the gospel.

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