How Did Jesus See His Own Role

We have already begun to explore this question in asking how Jesus is remembered as responding to the categories his contemporaries would most likely have fitted him into; the division between chapters 15 and 16 is as much a matter of convenience as of substance. Two further categories are suggested by the Jesus tradition itself, son of God and son of man, and these will be the principal focus of this chapter. But it also makes sense to begin by drawing together the threads of chapter insofar as they provide an answer to the question posed in chapter

In all this it remains important to bear in mind my primary focus on the impact made by Jesus. But in this case it is necessary to hazard the next step, the difficult task of attempting to trace out, by reference to the 'shape' of the impact made by Jesus, the 'shape' of what made that impact (§15.1) — that is, what Jesus may have said or indicated about his own perception regarding his own role which has resulted in such features of the Jesus tradition.

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