University of Tübingen

"Modern portraits of the historical Jesus abound. But here James Dunn provides a tour of ancient sketches — a gallery of impressions that this provocative figure left upon his earliest followers. It is no hall of mirrors, no academic trickery that flatters us with wishful thinking or self-projection. The images Dunn reveals are surprising, challenging, and even contradictory, and they are the more convincing on that account. The adventure itself is thrilling and the outcome significant.. . . Jesus Remembered is indeed an indispensable contribution to an ongoing quest to comprehend the significance of Jesus for the history of Christianity and for modern civilization." - MARK ALLAN POWELL

Trinity Lutheran Seminary

"A magnificent achievement. Jesus Remembered is massively thorough and wide-ranging, innovative in its stress on orality, at times provocative, yet also immensely readable and clear. James Dunn's book will undoubtedly shape Jesus study for the next generation and more. This is a 'must' for all those engaged in study ofJesus at whatever level."

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